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That Guy 04-04-2006 12:49 PM

Team Specific Draft Info (WP Mock) (4/4)
We could editorialize on the best way to go about the draft, but that's not what this thread is about. It's about how these teams currently use the draft. Due to the breadth of the information provided, I've tried to keep these as short as possible while articulating each team's general approach.

If you see an entry you disagree with, please let me know and explain why it's wrong and what changes should be made, and we'll see what gets figured out. There are 10 new coaches this year, some without ANY real track records, so if I don't know enough about a team, I'll point that out and suggest a best available/needs preferred approach. (ie, If some prospect seems to fall well below their draft slot, they'd be worth considering. Otherwise rate need position players somewhat higher compared to non-needs. This seems to be the general NFL operating procedure.)

These things are not gospel, please don't let this be the extent of your research. At least look at a few other mocks to get a general idea of player's values and the situation teams will be in when their number comes up.

In the end it's all about trying to take the player that will help your team the most.

[b]Needs:[/b] OL, TE, MLB, ROLB, CB, QB (future)
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] Help on the offensive line
Denny Green believes in taking the best available regardless of need, leaving all options open (making for a tough draft). More likely to use available picks than trade them.

[b]Needs:[/b] WR, LT, LG, DBs (future), depth
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] WR
Mora seems to prefer defensive players. Best available/needs preferred.

[b]Needs:[/b] QB, DT, RT, WR #2, FS, P, MLB (future)
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] DT, QB, WR
Billick and Co. clearly prefer defensive players, and they tend to have the most success there. Billick seems to prefer adding talent around the QB and only hiring NFL veterans at the position for now.

[b]Needs:[/b] QB, OT, DT, DE, G, TE
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] QB, OT
I don't know enough about Levy's draft habits. Best available/needs preferred.

[b]Needs:[/b] RB, OLB, OT/OG, WR (future), TE
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] RB, OLB
John Fox doesn't mind taking on project players (good measureables, poor football skills). Best available/needs preferred.

[b]Needs:[/b] CB (speed), WR, S, TE, OLB
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] CB (speed), WR
Lovie Smith loves guys with heart and runs a simple system where encyclopedic knowledge is not a necessity. Likes filling needs when possible.

[b]Needs:[/b] CB, DT (future), TE, G, DE
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] CB
Marvin Lewis tries to spread his picks out among positions, and has drafted at least one WR, OL, DL, and LB every year (positions where he emphasizes depth).

[b]Needs:[/b] LB, DT, DE, S
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] LB, DL
Crennel believes in locker room chemistry and is willing to pass on bad apples even if they could help win games. Slight preference for talent and intangibles over need.

[b]Needs:[/b] CB (speed), S (coverage), QB (future), G, C, DT (depth), LB
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] DB
Parcells prefers defensive players and tends to pick strongly based on need.

[b]Needs:[/b] WR, RB, TE, QB (future) S, LB (depth)
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] none
Shannahan likes taking one position in bunches hoping one player works out. Absolutely unafraid of character issues and willing to pick guys earlier than their draft slot. Loves taking RBs, heavy emphasis on needs. (A somewhat difficult draft)

[b]Needs:[/b] OT, LB, QB, WR, FS, P
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] DB, OL
Millen tends to fall for player's hype above and beyond his staff's scouting reports. Preference for offense, especially in the first round, though without success. Somewhat of a Hype... err, talent over need draft house.

[b][size=3]Green Bay:[/size][/b]
[b]Needs:[/b] G, C, LB, CB, S, WR (since walker may not return), DT
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] Interior line, OLB
Generally take talent over need. Luckily they have a lot of needs.

[b]Needs:[/b] OL, S, OLB, CB
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] OL
Tend to take talent early and fill needs late.

[b]Needs:[/b] RB, CB, G, FB
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] RB, CB, G
Dungy has a strong defensive preference, and tends to pick up OL in the mid rounds. Tries to fill needs.

[b]Needs:[/b] RB (future), OLB, TE (receiving), WR (future), depth
[b]Dire Needs:[/b]RB, OLB
I don't know Del Rio's strategy very well. Prefers tall WRs, and willing to take on projects with large upsides. Best available/needs preferred.

[b][size=3]Kansas City:[/size][/b]
[b]Needs:[/b] WR, QB (future), FB, OT/OG (future), CB, S, DT, LB
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] WR, QB (future), DB
Not sure if they'll be going for needs as KC has been doing, or be acting crazy, as one H. Edwards is prone to do. Best available/needs preferred. (Hard Draft, many unknowns)

[b]Needs:[/b] OT/OG/C, CB, S, OLB, MLB (future), WR
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] DB, OLB, OL
Saban is willing to deal with "needy" players as long as they can produce. Best available/needs preferred.

[b]Needs:[/b] QB, WR, TE, RG, LB, DB/LB depth
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] QB, LB, WR
Not sure. Best available/needs preferred.

[b][size=3]New England:[/size][/b]
[b]Needs:[/b] RB, LB, WR, OT, K, MLB (future)
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] RB, LB, WR
Belichick tends to go for intelligent hard working players and guys with intangibles over those with great measureables, and may even draft guys above there predicted slot to get them. Bad locker room guys and whiny/selfish players aren't tolerated.

[b][size=3]New Orleans:[/size][/b]
[b]Needs:[/b] OG/C/OT, CB, WR (future), LB, TE, S (future)
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] OL, CB, WR
Not sure. Best available/needs preferred.

[b][size=3]NY Giants:[/size][/b]
[b]Needs:[/b] WR, RB (future), LB, CB, DL (future), OL depth
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] LB, CB, WR
Coughlin goes a bit more towards needs. Doesn't tolerate whining or poor character guys well.

[b][size=3]NY Jets:[/size][/b]
[b]Needs:[/b] QB?, OT, C, RB (future), WR, S, OLB
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] QB, OL, RB
New staff, not sure. Best available/needs preferred.

[b]Needs:[/b] QB (future), DT, OLB, CB, G, TE
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] QB, DT, OLB
Hype preferred. Darth Davis likes treating picks like PR moves, is impressed by measureables (speed), and is willing to stretch for it.

[b]Needs:[/b] WR (#1), G, LB/DL/RB depth
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] WR, G
Tend to draft solely for depth needs with an emphasis on getting young guys as backups for older/end of contract players and letting them learn from the bench until they're needed to step in and start.

[b]Needs:[/b] WR, C (future), CB, DE, FS, RB, QB (backup)
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] WR, DB
High draft choices are almost always used to fill immediate needs. High picks are expected to play soon, so Cowher generally isn't interested in projects. Great work ethic and being physical are considered big pluses, and being good in the locker room and whine-free is a must. Playing dirty or bringing attention to one's self is not considered a deal breaker in their draft process. Guys with good football skills and without clearly defined positions are welcomed.

[b][size=3]San Diego:[/size][/b]
[b]Needs:[/b] WR, CB, S, OT/OG, Front 7 (depth)
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] WR, DB
Not sure, because Marty is not in charge. Best available/needs preferred.

[b][size=3]San Francisco:[/size][/b]
[b]Needs:[/b] QB, CB, OLB, WR, DT, RB, FB
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] CB, OLB
Not Sure, but it doesn't really matter with so many needs. Best available/needs preferred.

[b]Needs:[/b] DE, G, OLB, CB
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] DE, G
Mainly go for need, and make a point to get competent backups for older players.

[b][size=3]St. Louis:[/size][/b]
[b]Needs:[/b] OT/OG, DL, CB, OLB, SS, TE
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] DL, G, DB
Not sure. Best available/needs preferred.

[b][size=3]Tampa Bay:[/size][/b]
[b]Needs:[/b] WR, OT, LB, S, CB (future)
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] WR, CB
Gruden prefers hard workers, self motivators, and guys with high motors. Have a history of taking DBs and WRs late.

[b]Needs:[/b] OT, CB, DE, QB (future), RB, Back 7 (depth)
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] OT, CB, DE
Not sure. Best available/needs preferred.

[b]Needs:[/b] ROLB, TE (future), DB (depth)
[b]Dire Needs:[/b] ROLB?, DB (depth)
Gibbs doesn't tolerate guys that are selfish, whiny, or bad in the lockerroom. Great work ethic and special teams play is required. Picks based on need and immediate impact early, and for depth late. Does not seem to try and fish for starters in the 2nd day. Very willing to move up or down in the draft, and open to projects in the later rounds.

That Guy 04-04-2006 03:10 PM

Re: Team Specific Draft Info (WP Mock) (4/4)
please remember that guys drafted in the top 5-10 picks are light years ahead of others in talent and current value, and that a lot of times need (outside of QB) doesn't factor into the decision NEARLY as much as it would as early as the middle of the first round. LTs and DEs in the top 5 are very hard to get.

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