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manicd 05-13-2004 08:17 PM

Gotta be a nay-sayer here
I'm as excited about Gibbs coming back as anybody. But with Gibbs record versus Parcells, and the Redskins record versus Dallas, the odds don't look good for us. And yes, I know, they are just that: odds. Sorry to be pecimistic, but I don't know if we will be beating those Damn Dirty Cowboys any time soon. Am I alone on this? Does anybody else feel the odds are against us? I pray I get proved wrong in a HUGE way.

azskinsfan2 05-13-2004 08:39 PM

I agree that the odds are against us but with Coach Gibbs back and a bunch of new impact players like Portis and Taylor we'll definitely make a game of it. Our guys have a lot to prove. Both of our possible starting QBs are better than Quincy Carter too. I really think we'll beat the damn girls!! :dallas:

Daseal 05-13-2004 10:45 PM

If you look at the talent level between us and the Cowboys we far surpass them. If that equates to wins or not has yet to be seen.

EEich 05-14-2004 12:51 AM

Are you kidding me? We added a top 5 RB, upgraded our D and hired a workaholic HoF head coach and a coaching staff with actual NFL experience. Dallas is going with rookies at QB and RB, and added a locker room cancer at WR and you think they have the upper hand? I think you have to lay off the depressants dude.

Ghost 05-14-2004 02:18 AM

How many games have we won against the Cowboys in the last ten years? Not too many. They've had our number by and large, so yes I'd agree that they have the upper hand, for now, then add in the fact that Parcells has a pretty good record against Gibbs. And all too often a sports curse is not so easily lifted, even by someone "great" like Gibbs (e.g., MJ and the Wizards). But I have a lot of faith in Gibbs' ability to field a championship team, and I like our chances of beating Dallas a hell of lot more than I did last year. The Skins should be highly competitive but the NFC East is going to be brutal this year.

Also, don't forget what the Cowboys have on defense ... they don't have to be overpowering on offense with a D like that.

offiss 05-14-2004 02:54 AM

A lot of expert's thought that the one defining difference in parcell's ability to beat Gibb's, was LT, LT forced Gibb's to change his game plan, with LT in there the QB's never had time to look down the field, and even when they had time they were alway's looking over thier shoulder's worried that LT was going to hit them at any second, we also now have a D-coordinator who will give parcell's some of his own medicine, should be interesting.

Ghost 05-14-2004 03:20 AM

I've never seen a defender dominate a football game like LT used to do ... he gets my vote as the best defensive player in NFL history, or at least the most disruptive, explosive, having the most impact on the field, etc. Whenever he was on the field you just had to watch him because you knew he was practically going to murder some poor bastard. The only time I ever saw him scared or off his game was when he broke Joe Theisman's leg and got freaked out, jumping up, his eyes wide as saucers, waving for the medical personnel to get on the field.

Sheriff Gonna Getcha 05-14-2004 08:06 AM

There were more people than LT who were responsible for the Redskins history of losing to Parcells and Dallas (Phil Simms, Troy Aikman, Michael Irving, et al).

I think the talent level is stacking our favor (at least against NY and DAL).

MTK 05-14-2004 08:30 AM

It's a whole new ball game this year. Both Parcells and Gibbs have changed things up a bit since the first time around. The slate is clean and ready to be written.

There is also 14 other games on the schedule. The Cowboys aren't the only concern.

jermus22 05-14-2004 09:31 AM

Talent level has less to do with winning than intensity and focus. Take for instance that game against Dallas when Schottenheimer was coach. We were coming off five straight victories and Dallas was struggling. They ended up killing us. When we made the playoffs during Norv Turner's tenure, we still lost twice to Dallas, even though we had a better team. I think Gibbs can turn things around for the 'Skins but I'm not too optimistic about his record versus Parcells.

Hogster 05-14-2004 10:31 AM

Hogster 05-14-2004 10:33 AM

To be honest with you on this one as far as stats go you are totally right but you have to consider that parcells had Taylor, Banks, Simms, Morris, Anderson, etc back then. I truly believe the shoe will be on the other foot this time and Gibbs will be able to get some time of redemption.

jsarno 05-14-2004 10:57 AM

I just don't think that Parcells truly has gibbs number. Things just happened to fall the way they did due to the talent levels. We all forget, but the Giants were a massive powerhouse. You have to look at this as great coach vs great coach. Gibbs might just be the best of all time, even Parcells would attest to that, I doubt we have anything to worry about. Gibbs will most certainly win us one of the two this year.

Redskins_P 05-14-2004 12:35 PM

Fellas let's remember one thing. Joe Gibbs always made Dallas week a big deal. He takes the rivalry seriously and I'm sure he'll stress that once the season begins. I think over the last ten years the rivalry hasn't lived up to it's potential because for a while Dallas sucked, and the Skins weren't doing that much better. I remember growing up while Gibb's was coaching, Dallas week was HUGE for everyone. RFK would rock and the fans would go nuts. I went FedEx field last year for the Dallas game, and I swear there were so many Dallas fans.......it was rediculous. I was ready to kill someone. I couldn't believe it.

My point is....is that Coach Gibbs will have the team ready for Dallas and he will make sure each and every player understands the importance of the rivalry and what it means to us the fans and the history of the organization. With that said....the games will be much more competitive and exciting. I truly believe that with all the talent we have and the [U][B]GREATEST COACHING STAFF IN THE NFL [/B] [/U] , we will prevail. Can't wait to see!

RedskinRat 05-14-2004 12:37 PM

It's a great new era for Redskins football, the past can be forgotten.

Anyone who thinks that half assed effort will be ok this season is in for a shock.

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