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MTK 05-14-2004 07:53 PM

Madden '05 Reviews

Day 1-Steph-

This years Madden looks better than ever. First and foremost the "jetpack" is not in the game (sorry deejay). EA has really focused on DEFENSE this season and with the addition of the "hit stick" it is headed in the right direction. There are over 30 "hit stick" animations that if timed right can change the course of the game whether it be a fumble or a momentum charger. Madden also has over 1,000 new animations from running, to tackling, to catching. A running animation that sticks out is where a running back will bend his legs as if trying to pivot in a new direction. The gameplay feels tight and there are no more "circular" motions on the joystick that let you do a unrealistic 360.

The defensive backs also have a "auto swat" now in which they can just not press the swat button and just get position and watch as their DB swats the ball away. Also, with new defensive assignments you can match a CB up to a WR all game long. Subsituting a WR in for a TE is no longer in the game as well.

The atmosphere has changed as well. Super Bowl celebrations are now something to play a franchise or season for. There will be fireworks, confetti, the big inflatable football players, players running out of the helmets while being introduced and even dumping the water cooler over the coach (speaking of, Parcells is not in the game :( ). This year's game looks good so far but more analysis will come in the next few days. Just giving you guys some tidbits so far.


[font=Aurora Cn BT][size=3][color=#000000]Day 2-Steph-

Day two found that there will be a "rushing attack" feature online where you can do the mini camp rushing attack while you are waiting for a game to be over or for just something to do. No new features were added with the mini-camp however. QB's will throw terrible passes based on their ratings. If you drop back 20 yards and expect to throw a pin point pass, you will be disappointed because it most likely won't work. Defensive line play is also based on the ratings of the player and the offensive line ratings as well. If you have a speedy DE, he can get around a poor OT.

Definsive hot routes are useful but there may be some problems getting them adjusted before the snap of the offense. We'll look more into this tomorrow. Owner mode is indeed more difficult this year. The cpu will initiate trades this season and even try to trade up in the draft. Speaking of the draft, there will be a ticker down at the bottom along with audio announcements of each pick in the draft. Alternate uniforms will also be available and there are "so many" that the NFL hasn't even put them on the field yet.

Historical rosters will not have the names but you will be able to edit although no official word on how many can be edited. There is no Hall of Fame (speaking of historical players) in the game this year as well. There are new trick plays added this season most notebly the flea flicker. Injuries obviously are in the game and there are some new animations for injuries as well. Half sacks will not be recorded this season and either will full coaching staffs. And lastly, during onside kicks you cannot move your arrow to point the direction. This takes away from "money" onside kicks. Hope this helps guys , more to come tomorrow of course.


Day 1-TimsGiants
Online leagues? Nope damnnit!!! Something at least? Well there will be something, what.. they still wont say, the save stats then having them mailed directly to your email was the most frequent answer for a league tool possiblity. They have something up their sleeve...but no one would give up the info lol. Ability to upload your personal rosters? Nope again, I was pretty bummed out that they didn't add this one but they did add some really cool things. While we didn't get to see all of these new online features in action here is what we were told....

EA Messenger- now you can go direct with the headset without going into the game. It will be a messenger option.

EA will have a realtime Sports score ticker going on so you don't have to miss your games while playing your game.

You can now concede a win, called Friendly Quit.

The new tourney mode will be great for MM, 1 day tourneys!!!! No more..hold on let me see who you play next and waiting!! Also you can rig your cell phone to let you know when its your turn to play, the messenger will call you somehow..pretty cool.

Ratings... you can give your opponent a rating based on fair player, this also helps with the play now feature. With play now you can sort by VS, 5% disconnect or lower, high rank, same rank ect to start a play now game. The fair play is stricter, not letting you go for as many questionable 4th down situations like last year.

Jetpack? lol well lets say its finally realistic. This was the 1st thing I tested while playing.You no longer can cut a route and sky like MJ for the ball. While there is a high leap animation it is used in a realistic fashion. I loved it!!! As a matter of fact one EA representitve said,"You can thank him, he got rid of it and felt it hurt the game, he also said he was the man behind the new hb option. With the hb option if you bring up the pass icons you cant pull them down!!! As soon as the HB gets the toss its defended like a run, if he brings up the pass icon then he is a sitting duck basically, meaning the hb option is a real play and no longer a toggle between run/pass cheese play. You can assign a db to a specific wideout finally, also the new d hot routes and hit stick are kick ass!!

Something that bummed me out but will probally make most ballers happy..no more dante hall moves..running circles around guys ect, you cant stop and start like the last maddens. Blocking is 100 times better, the pocket seemed crisp, I did see one guy do a NCAA 2003 type DE rush from the outside though, but I think it was due to the other guy dropping the qb straight back. There was some Bigbuc type drop backs that seemed to have all day to throw though too lol jk. To sum up day 1...

#1. Unbelievable how informative and how much time the EA reps spent explaining the new features and the ideas behind them. Anyone that thinks the guys behind the game dont play it and dont understand the everyday gamer are way off. EA personell are like you and I.

#2 the games graphics are better, while not to much difference there is alot of detail and awesome animations and

#3 EA has made a game that seems much more realistic this year!!! Bump n Run and more game play coming tommorow

Day 2-TimsGiants

Madden 05 is more of a thinking mans madden this year. Those ballers with the super stick skills wont have the major advantage they had last year. Mainly due to the fact how the superjump animation is set up this year in a realistic manner and running around making guys look silly doing crazy cuts is gone. Today, missing those 2 factors made me realize..next year will be different online dramatically. While you will still be able to outstick your opponents, the playcalling and strategizing will be key

The new D playermaker can possibly become a controversial item next year... #1. With the new ability to hot route your defensive players. While this is a awesome new addition..for example, select to a D player and push up for deep zone, left for a flat zone, right to spy zone and down to blitz. You can do it with all 11 players..I tested quarters cover 2 and playermakered my 2 DE's and DT into deep zone..imagine how that looked. Helli described it well(pillow effect) no one was rushing the qb. Is that abuse? I thought it looked lame but that is just something "bad" you can do with it. Overall it kicks ass and makes $plays easier to cover. Im sure some guys will find some nasty zone blitzs this year with it..who knows

#2. You dont have time to set up your defensive playmaker. Selecting to 1 guy and hot routing him takes some time, doing more than 2 or 3 would be near impossible if someone just walked to the line of scrimmage and hiked the ball. Basiaclly someone could hurry to the line and take away your D playmaker by hiking it imediately. Im sure some guys will get real quick at doing d playmaker adjustments but the majority I believe wont have enough time.

In summary day 2 was more of a feel out what I saw day of what I saw day 1.Looking for bugs and testing the new features. Finding the flea flicker was aweome, I tried it 5 times.... 4 Barber got tackled before he made the pitch. The 5th time was a charm with a deep TD to Toomer. Pretty risky play and fun. While I cant really describe how the blocking is better due to concentrating on the downfield...it is alot better. I will pay close attention tommorow to the oline.


SKINSnCANES 05-16-2004 11:38 PM

that info is awesome, thank you for that. I was amazing at juking and spinning and could run like the best. It will be cool to be more realistic but ill miss all the cool, but fake running moves.

SKINSnCANES 05-16-2004 11:38 PM

that link didnt work when I tried.

MTK 05-17-2004 10:22 AM

they must have changed the link, try going directly to [url]http://www.maddenmania.com[/url] and finding it from there

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