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Warpath 07-05-2006 12:00 AM

Sportscenter final 4 agree or not?
Sportscenter had the guys from nfl tonight laying down the playoffs;
Here were there final 4 games of the playoffs '06:
Carolina defeating Washington
Seattle defeating Dallas
Indy defeating New England
Pitt defeating Kansas City

In the AFC I don't see either Pitt or KC getting deep into the playoffs. Both teams would be lucky to make it that far. Pitt lost a bunch of people and KC lost their coordinator.
In the NFC I don't see Seattle or Dallas in the playoffs. I'll take the Giants and either Atlanta or Tampa Bay. I think the guys had the Skins beating Atlanta in the wild card game but I think the skins will have the first round bye. They said that Carolina would beat the Skins because of QB play.
Im taking Skins winning the superbowl over Denver (again) or Indy 35 to 28 in one of the best bowls ever.
Anyone elses thoughts on what the guys on ESPN had to say?

SmootSmack 07-05-2006 12:13 AM

Re: Sportscenter final 4 agree or not?
I've been thinking these past few days that Redskins vs. Broncos seems like a very real possibility for the Super Bowl.

I think the Rams could surprise and come out on top in the NFC West. Niners are years away. Cardinals probably did improve, particularly adding Edge. But so did the Rams and I don't think Arizona improved enough to pass them. And isn't there like some 6 year streak of the Super Bowl loser not making the playoffs the next year? Seahawks could be in trouble there.

MTK 07-05-2006 12:20 AM

Re: Sportscenter final 4 agree or not?
No way Pitt will repeat, no way. They've lost some key guys, they won't be as hungry, their division is tough, I just don't see it.

hooskins 07-05-2006 01:29 AM

Re: Sportscenter final 4 agree or not?
As soon as I saw the matchup, I was really pissed because I thought that they pretty much making it similar to last year. I am freaking sick of everyone picking the Panthers, I really do not think they could beat us next year. I feel they are just falling back on that pick bc its easy, and Pitt, wtf come on ESPN, its like they are not really looking at everything.

bertoskins2 07-05-2006 02:38 AM

Re: Sportscenter final 4 agree or not?
yes I agree, steelers will be lucky enough they have a though division sep cincy (with palmer healthy and protected) and ravens (with mcnair on fold)

for the nfc, seahawks will be there, together with the skins (depend on the QB play), the eagles will also rebound and hungry again.

BigSKINBauer 07-05-2006 04:00 AM

Re: Sportscenter final 4 agree or not?
Seahawks are good but nothing special. We lost that game last year, they didn't win it. I don't know how or why we lost. We were hot and going big. Seahawks aren't that good, the steelers aren't that good, the colts aren't that good, no one is great. I just feel the league is so weak. KC is going to suck. They lost their great coach and brilliant OC and mind you that they don't and never will have a viable defense. 'da' bears were never THAT good last year. If you give 4 teams the easiest schedule in the league one of them is going to come out on top and hold a bye at the end of it. They couldn't beat one team in the playoffs even though it was at their place. They couldn't beat the second best team of a division at home. We got their divisional superiors at their place and beat them.

What happened to those teams like the eagles were only a year back? Sure they were the choke artists of the league failing to make the super bowl but they would be playing at championship quality 17 out of 18 games a year. I don't even know who in this league is the x-factor game changer. It used to be vick; he could run. Now he sucks to high hell. Who is the game changer in the league? Steve smith? LT? The patriots were something special. winning 21 games like that. That was a team to fear. That was who you could point to and say they are the best and are the best for a reason.

The broncos are just good. Same with the skins. They are my super bowl picks right now. It’s a weak league and someone has to take it I guess.

BSB’s early picks. I haven’t looked at everyone’s schedules yet so I’ll just think about their divisions.

Seahawks- weak division and pretty good team.
Bears-Easiest schedule again
Redskins- ~
Panthers- Only this low because of their division
Giants- Best team of the division but they get seahawks and bears and one game will make a big difference because neither the skins or giants are going to win much more than 10 with the schedules and the division.
TB- Good young team, will be better this year but so will a lot of teams

Redskins over TB- this builds a rivalry that we OWN. That is 5 times in 3 years and 2 playoff games.

Panthers over Giants- Toss up, either could win and both would advance to the nfc championship because they are better than the seahawks. Panthers didn’t seem to have a problem last year

Skins over bears- no problem

Panthers over Seahawks- no problem and get their revenge from last year.

Skins over Carolina- Maybe this city could act like they care about the skins again and would cheer like crazy.

Broncos- division is not as good as it was last year
Colts- Best in the division by far. They will have trouble this year
Patriots- weak ass division
Bengals- TOUGH ASS DIVISION. Tie breaker with the steelers. Split the games but cinci wins 2 over both the ravens and browns
Steelers- win both against the browns. Split the ravens. Too bad, so sad.
Jags- Doesn’t matter for shit because the patriots are going to mop the field with them. I don’t know who to pick, the rest of this conference is horrible.

Pats over Jags
Cinci over steelers- beat them twice at home in a year. Yay oHIo

Broncos over cinci
Colts over patriots- YAY! Rivalry YAY! Belichick gets beat, again, too bad so sad.

Broncos over Colts- Home field I guess. Broncos are good. Colts lose AGAIN. Manning is a choke artist. YAY! YAY!

SB: Same thing as the last time we owned the broncos in the super bowl. I wonder if there is another number 17 though. That is for everyone here to decide


I just pulled a sean salisberry. Yeah, I picked all the same teams as last year. To late to change them now.

dmek25 07-05-2006 07:23 AM

Re: Sportscenter final 4 agree or not?
im not sold on m hasselback and the inconsistant seahawks. other than last year, they always find a way to screw up. plus, losing hutchinson is huge. the bears are alittle over rated , also. unless they get that anemic offense in gear, that defense will have to be better then last year. micheal vick is a tremendous athlete. that being said, did randall cunningham ever win the big one? plus, their defense is on the smallish side and can be pushed around. i like carolina as a team, but when pressured, delehomme sometimes can pull a farve, trying to make a play when there are none, ending in a turnover. i dont think enough of eli manning to consider him a championship quarterback. and the cowboys just dont have enough yet to be superbowl bound. the stars are lined up for the skins to play in the super bowl, as long as brunell manages games the way he did last year. the one thing that scares me about brunell is, in both playoff games he threw 2 very stupid passes. in a veteran qb like brunell, that has to be eliminated

724Skinsfan 07-05-2006 08:52 AM

Re: Sportscenter final 4 agree or not?
The Redskins have already won the Super Bowl. As for who they will beat, I wouldn't rule out the Chiefs. Herman Edwards is a very good coach. They have a great O-line, very good QB, emerging superstar RB, one of the best TE in the league. I think their defense will be pretty decent, as well. If you look at the rest of that division they match up nicely with everyone on a skill level. My playoff picks for the AFC are:

[B]East: Dolphins [/B](They got some pretty good tools on both sides of the ball)
[B]North: Bengals [/B](They were better than the Steelers until Palmer got hurt)
[B]South: Colts [/B](This shouldn't be too hard for them)
[B]West: Chiefs [/B](See comments above)
[B]Wildcards: Broncos, Patriots[/B]

[B]East: Redskins [/B](If I have to give a reason then get off this board)
[B]North: Minnesota [/B](I think the Bears were very lucky last year)
[B]South: Falcons [/B](they're not as bad as most people think)
[B]West: Seahawks [/B](someone has to win that division)
[B]Wildcards: Chicago, Giants[/B]

TheMalcolmConnection 07-05-2006 09:03 AM

Re: Sportscenter final 4 agree or not?
I still don't see the Chiefs taking the Broncos in the playoffs. The Broncos have too many weapons on offense for the Chiefs to handle them.

724Skinsfan 07-05-2006 09:15 AM

Re: Sportscenter final 4 agree or not?
I think if it comes down to it that the Broncos defense not the offense will be the deciding factor.

dmek25 07-05-2006 09:20 AM

Re: Sportscenter final 4 agree or not?
good morning tmc

Southpaw 07-05-2006 09:48 AM

Re: Sportscenter final 4 agree or not?
[quote=hooskins]I am freaking sick of everyone picking the Panthers, I really do not think they could beat us next year. [/quote]

Ditto. Carolina is basically Washington with a far worse offense. The only special player they have on offense is Steve Smith. Jake Delhomme is the second coming of Kerry Collins, at best. I don't quite understand the love affair the media has with him.

And yet, the ESPN guys were saying the Panthers are probably the best team in the league... retarded.

D'BOYZ 07-05-2006 09:57 AM

Re: Sportscenter final 4 agree or not?
My pick for final for it's pretty similiar I won't predict who makes it to the SB because it way to early thsi is based on what I have seen from each team right now

CIN (based on palmer comming back at least after the 2nd game)
............ WC Pitt and Miami.

CHI (Easiest Schedulle and easiest division so they will get a 1st round bye)
Car (you can say what you want and we might not like it but on paper and production right now this is the team to beat in the NFC)
Dal (I'm on the Dallas banwagoon as you're on the redskins I don't know if they will make it to the SB but I'm predicting at least 1 Playoffs win thsi year)
Was (well I've expressed many times in this board about that you're team has made the right moves in the offseason and it's a true contender specially because of the coaching staff)
.... Wild Card... Seattle I believe they will make it but don't have it to pass to teh next round.... here is where it gets tricky and I'll go with Arizona to many offensive weapons not to consider them and easy schedulle.

scowan 07-05-2006 10:11 AM

Re: Sportscenter final 4 agree or not?
Guys, I think the Rams pick in the playoffs is a good sleeper pick. They have a new coach and if they can play to their strengths, Run Steven Jackson until he drops and quit passing so much they could win their division. Jackson is my semi-sleeper stud RB this year as far as Fantasy Football goes, if play-calling can go his way. Without Faulk, they will need to lean heavly on him. That said, if the Skins survive their division, they could go all the way.

Pocket$ $traight 07-05-2006 10:27 AM

Re: Sportscenter final 4 agree or not?
[quote=Mattyk72]No way Pitt will repeat, no way. They've lost some key guys, they won't be as hungry, their division is tough, I just don't see it.[/quote]

Roethlisberger is hungry.....since his jaw is wired shut!

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