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TheInspector 07-06-2006 09:58 AM

Chronicles Of A 2,000 Yard Season
An interesting article:

Monkeydad 07-06-2006 10:33 AM

Re: Chronicles Of A 2,000 Yard Season
Very interesting (for a stats freak like me).

It's incredible how Barry Sanders did it after games of just 33 yards and 20 yards to start his season in '97. After those two bombs, he didn't run for below 100 yards in any of the last 14 games.

Jamal Lewis ran for 295 in a game. Wow.

Simpson's is most impressive to me. Less carries, less games and the game was probably more brutal then. Sure the players weren't as big, but they were allowed to get away with more than they are today. There was a time when a horse-collar tackle was considered a great play and you were allowed to hit QBs. Sanders' season was very impressive too, considering his age and the start of his season. Also, he ran for less carries/game than Simpson. Still, Simpson's impresses me since it was in a time when these kind of seasons didn't happen. In fact, he was the first to do it. It's a shame no one can think of his great career today when they hear his name.

Of that list of 5 guys, I think Dickerson was the best (when you look at their entire careers). He was an amazing RB. I had a poster of him on my wall in his Rams days...amongst all of my Redskins stuff. :)

Sanders was amazing to watch also, and I wish he had played longer. He could've...but then again...to spend that many seasons on the Lions must've been unbearable. They couldn't even go deep into the playoffs with one of the best RBs ever. Sad, for Barry.

Dickerson actually played less games (146) than Sanders (153).

The article didn't list how many TDs each player scored in their 2,000 yard seasons, so I looked them up:

Dickerson - 14 rushing TDs, 0 receiving TDs
Lewis - 14 rush, 0 rec
Sanders - 11 rush, 3 rec
Davis - 21 rush, 2 rec
Simpson - 12 rush, 0 rec

TheInspector 07-06-2006 10:54 AM

Re: Chronicles Of A 2,000 Yard Season
Yeah, it's amazing to think: how do you get to 2,000 yards after only 53 yards in two games (on 25 carries)?...that's Barry.

Another interesting note: all five had at least 1 game over 200 yards (all but TD had at least 2).

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