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BDBohnzie 07-12-2006 11:40 AM

Post 1000
Well, after countless hours on here, and being here from the beginning, I have to be one of the last regulars to hit 1000. And considering about 900 of them are here in the Parking Lot, it's only fitting that 1000 is here as well.

Customary shout-outs go here, among them are AMD, TMC, the BSB, GIGity, Brud, SBF, Matty (special thanks for keeping this place in check). If I missed you, it's not that I don't care, it's that it's just so hard to keep up with the Joneses.

However, below is just a lame attempt trying to show the comraderie I see around here. Read to the tune of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, and it involves those who have talked about the first game tailgate, and those I simply just stuck in. Anyways, enjoy...and thanks to all of you for making days here at work go by that much better.

[i][COLOR="DarkRed"]'Twas the afternoon of Game 1, NFL 2006 season
Plenty of skins fans were stirring, drunken with reason
The tailgates were decorated, with charm and with flair
With hopes of victory soon would be there

The boys of the Warpath all smug with their smiles
With visions of cars and trucks that went on for miles
And Matty in his jersey, and TAFKAS in his cap,
had just chugged down their beers, no need for a nap.

When out on the blacktop arose such a clatter,
Brud sprang for his seat to see who had splattered
GIGity to his ride, he flew with a flash
As his wife made the call, new baby has a rash

The moon on the breast of the pale evening sky
Gave the party of wiseasses reason to eat pie
when, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but a beer pong table, and eight Warpathers with beer

With AMD and Dad carrying, so lively and quick
I knew the table would be placed, no bumps and no knicks
More rapid than eagles, cups were placed here
With games of debotchery surely were near

Saden1 in from Seattle, from a plane on the fly
He meets up with the rest, itching to try
To shoot ping pong balls into solo cups of foam
The BSB declared to be bored, and started to roam

And then, in a moment, I saw Schneed throw and miss
the last cup for a win, the crowd indeed did hiss
As I pondered this event, and was turning around
Down the lot 724 and mheisig came with a bound

They were dressed all in Skins gear, from head to their feet
ready to embrace the Warpathers they will finally first meet
With a case of Heinys he had flung on his back
Dmek25 looked like a baller, read to attack

SBF and son were there smoking their famous 'que
Warpathers lined up for miles to get such a view
12thMan was first in line, plate in hand to see
TMC pointing and saying, is he really a she?

As the last cup was had, and the losers went away
2 more victims settled in, beer pong's here to say
I stood up from my chair, legs a bit unsure to meet
Proclaiming game time was close, proceed to your seats

Tailgates started to close, pong champs to be named
knowing full well, we'd be back after the game
And with that, the Warpath joined ranks in long rows
Marching towards the stadium, like long lost bros

The game was intense, but scoring not close
The Skins beat the Vikings, victory to toast
And as we all left FedEx, driving out of sight
"Merry Victory to all, and to all a good-night"[/COLOR][/i]

TheMalcolmConnection 07-12-2006 11:44 AM

Re: Post 1000
HAHAHAHAHA! Very creative. Nice reference to 12thMan too.

MTK 07-12-2006 11:45 AM

Re: Post 1000
Congrats on the big 1K

Nice job!

ArtMonkDrillz 07-12-2006 11:51 AM

Re: Post 1000
Awesome. And if Mr. C knew how to use a computer I'm sure he'd thank you too!

724Skinsfan 07-12-2006 11:55 AM

Re: Post 1000
Nice BDB! Congratulations on a creative number 1000!

I'm glad it'll be a while for mine since I lack the spontaneous creativity (and patience). Once I get to 999 I'll probably panic and sign on with a new screen name.

gibbsisgod 07-12-2006 11:59 AM

Re: Post 1000
absolutely classic! good job :food-smil :funnypost :D :thumb: :lol: :laughing2 :rofl: :laughing- :towel: :biggthump :point: :drink

i know its not as good as a bsb smilie tribute but at least i try!

TheMalcolmConnection 07-12-2006 01:08 PM

Re: Post 1000
I don't know what I'm going to do when I hit my milestone of 10,000. Of course I'm going to give a shout out to the BSB, but I'm not too creative when it comes to making up songs and rhymes. :mad:

jbcjr14 07-12-2006 02:05 PM

Re: Post 1000
That was beautiful...just beautiful.

mooby 07-12-2006 02:28 PM

Re: Post 1000
You certainly have a way of making creative poems lolol. Good job on the 1k.

ArtMonkDrillz 07-12-2006 02:29 PM

Re: Post 1000
Mooby, are you happy about that Clerks 2 will be out soon?

TheMalcolmConnection 07-12-2006 02:30 PM

Re: Post 1000
Probably not since Mooby got killed in the last one. If Mooby comes back that would be SO unrealistic.

mooby 07-12-2006 02:39 PM

Re: Post 1000
yeah, i don't know what to think. One on hand, the basis for my screen name was killed in the last movie, but i saw the previews for Clerks 2 and it looks good. I'll probably see it when it comes out in the next two weeks though, i have to look past the part where mooby was killed and look at the overall movie. And sadly it would be unrealistic were the basis for my screen name did come back this time around.

TheMalcolmConnection 07-12-2006 02:53 PM

Re: Post 1000
Kevin Smith also got knocked down a couple of pegs in my book because he said that he would NOT, under any circumstance, make another movie. He said he wanted to end it like that.

ArtMonkDrillz 07-12-2006 03:02 PM

Re: Post 1000
I hate to say this but I can't remember when Mooby was killed in J&SB Strike Back. I remember when all the execs were shot in Dogma, but I guess I don't remember Stike Back all that well.

I do know that in this new one they work at the Mooby fast food place. I wonder if they still serve Mega-Mooby-Muffins?

ArtMonkDrillz 07-12-2006 03:02 PM

Re: Post 1000
sorry for hijacking your thread Bohnzie. You know I gotchu in prayer.

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