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MTK 05-19-2004 11:15 PM

Let's reminisce a bit...

Yeah I know it's only been a few months, but what the hey, things are really slow right now.

I still find myself in shock to this day. Sometimes I'll be daydreaming at work and it will hit me out of the blue, Joe freakin' Gibbs is back as coach of the 'Skins!

The day he came back was probably one of the greatest days of my life, pathetic as that might sound I'm sure alot of you can relate.

I just got to work and like I do first thing every morning I check out The Warpath to read up on the posts from the night before. I remember clicking on a post about Gibbs returning and thinking what the heck is this and there's no way this is for real. Then I started searching around all over the net and there was a serious buzz going around, the 'Skins were in serious negotiations with Joe Gibbs! I think I came close to pissing my pants, seriously. I flipped over to ESPN radio and they were talking about it there too, at this point I knew I wasn't going to get anything done at work that day, I was walking on air the rest of the day, actually the rest of the week!

It was a pretty emotional time I have to admit. Seeing him at the first press conference choked me up a bit.

I think when the first preseason game rolls around it will really hit us, to see him back on the sidelines will be incredible!

The 'Skins lost their identity when Gibbs left, everything just feels right about the Redskins again.

MTK 05-19-2004 11:38 PM

Here's an audio link to the introductory press conference


hi-jinx 05-19-2004 11:58 PM

When you first heard it did anyone think it wasn't true? Like someone was pulling you leg or leaked some bad info to the press or something. It just seemed to good to be true, ya know.

Daseal 05-20-2004 12:13 AM

I had a Dream that in the MNF game against Dallas, Gibbs pulled off his mask, and it was Spurrier underneath it all! He needed to change the attitude around the locker room and couldn't think of a better way! ;)

SKINSnCANES 05-20-2004 12:32 AM

thats sick man. Why dotn we just make a golden idol of a false God while we're at it.
heh, jp

huntz 05-20-2004 03:26 AM

That wasn't a dream...that was a NIGHTMARE!!!!

Gmanc711 05-20-2004 07:10 AM

I remember sitting at my friends house watching sportscenter with all my friends. They always like to give me a hard time about the skins. Were watching sportscenter and the Skins logo popped up, and I'm like please lord let it have somthing to do with Jim Fassel coming here ( who I wanted to get the job when it was Fassel/Rhodes and Green). Then they said Joe Gibbs is in seroius consideration of returning to the Redskins. I just sat on the couch with the biggest sh*t eater grin on my face and I was like I gotta go home. I came home started talking with all of you and the next morning it was a done deal.

I can relate with you Matty, that was one of the best days of my life. I cant wait until 9/12 when we seem him unleashed.

JWsleep 05-20-2004 10:48 AM

I still can't quite believe it. I couldn't think, couldn't dream, of a better thing to happen to the Washington Redskins. And then it happened.

Just think of how you we felt at the end of last season, waiting to see if Spurrier, Green, or Fassel (!!!) was going to be our coach.

What an unbelieveable difference!

skinsguy 05-20-2004 11:37 AM

You know how I heard about the news of Joe Gibbs coming back to the Redskins? It was when my friend (that doesn't even like football but loves Nascar) had posted news about Joe Gibbs on another forum board. I first I thought it was a joke until I read the story. I was absolutely shocked. I think remember posting something back several months ago on the Warpath that I felt the only thing that would really help the Redskins is if Joe Gibbs came back to coach. Of course, I was just kidding, and the other members were like..yeah I wouldn't even want Gibbs to come back and ruin his hall of fame status. However, he is back now and as much as I love the summer time, I am counting down the days to football season! It's going to be an interesting season!

Gmanc711 05-20-2004 11:49 AM

I just finished my first year of college today, and if I could skip my whole summer, I think I would. I am that freaking excited to see this guy coach.

SmootSmack 05-20-2004 12:24 PM

Congrats on finishing your first year Gman....I remember when I found out, my brother called me "You won't believe who the next Redskins coach is going to be" For some reason I was certain he was going to say Jimmy Johnson.

The whole Gibbs thing didn't sink in until a few hours later... at like 4 in the morning! I didn't sleep at all that first night, like there was some bizarre possibility that Gibbs would hold a press conference at 5 AM.

SkinsRock 05-20-2004 01:23 PM

I was one who would bash the people that said "we need Gibbs back". I (along with most people) was convinced that it would NEVER happen. When I heard about it, I was at work, and could hardly contain myself! A couple Cowboys fans in my office came up congratulating me, with a little more worry in their eyes than before.
What a day it was!!!

It's really gonna be a long summer.....

BrudLee 05-20-2004 01:29 PM

I was traveling for work, having started a new job the week before. It was like 6:45 am, and the radio announced that someone (I think Fox Sports) was reporting it. I changed radio stations, and waited until I heard it again. Then I started calling everyone I knew to get online and find the truth. I was checking my phone for the entire two hour drive to work, then I immediately got online and started checking for anything.

It's amazing I still have a job...

RedskinRat 05-20-2004 01:36 PM

I even recorded the ESPN segment where they officially announced it. It still makes me smile when I watch it.

Coach Gibbs.......Dude!

SmootSmack 05-20-2004 01:39 PM

Brud, you drive two hours to go to work?? Every day?

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