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jasonskin 05-25-2004 03:18 PM

will we sige one of these DE
Do you all think we will sign one of these players.
Joe Johnson
Tony Brackens
Chad Bratzke

memphisskin 05-25-2004 03:41 PM

If our front office can structure a reasonable deal without a huge signing bonus then any one of those guys would be worth a look. I think Bratzke would be the best pickup, he's a high motor guy who always brings effort. At times it seems like our effort is sorely lacking, maybe he could help.

PSUskinsfan11 05-25-2004 03:59 PM

I agree with Bratzke. Johnson and Brackens have to many injury problems.

Skins fan 44 05-25-2004 04:31 PM

Bratzke is a beast. He killed us last time we played the Colts. He had 2 or 3 sacks that game.

love them hogs 05-25-2004 06:33 PM

I agree with picking up Bratzke but do you really think we could afford him.How much would it cost us? Also I was wondering how much cap space we even have left?

huntz 05-26-2004 03:03 AM

Not sure how much they'll save, but cutting Trotter next week will free up some cash. But then again, they've got to sign the rooks.

Norman_Einstein 05-26-2004 09:55 AM

I still have my fingers crossed that Miami won't re-sign Ogunleye...

SKINSnCANES 05-26-2004 11:20 PM

theres no chance of us getting him. Bratze would be great though. But they are probaly all going to want a bunch of money. We'll free up money cutting Trung and Trotter. I guess if we have the money, DE is the way to go. If we cut Wynn we'd have a bunch of money freed up

Defensewins 05-27-2004 11:23 AM

[QUOTE=love them hogs]I agree with picking up Bratzke but do you really think we could afford him.How much would it cost us? Also I was wondering how much cap space we even have left?[/QUOTE]

According to the Warpaths resident cap expert CrazyCanuck, "Right now we're $800K under the cap, plus another $2.7M when Trotter is cut, for a total of $3.5M.

So we could sign him and possibly another player, after we cut Trotter. Although Snyder might be counting on that cap space money to sign our rookies. That happens to exactly around how much it will cost to sign all of our draft picks.

SKINSnCANES 05-31-2004 08:28 PM

we could sign anyone really if we wanted to give them a long contract. The first year of snyders contracts dont ever cost much.

MTK 06-01-2004 09:39 AM

Unless there is a surprise cut at DE today I don't see us going after anybody. I think Williams is reserved to the fact that his best chance at bringing pressure with this current group will have to come from blitzing Arrington, Washington and Taylor. Any sort of pressure that comes from the front four will be a bonus.

There really isn't anyone out there that we could pick up and plug in and have notch 10 sacks. Anyone that is hitting the wire today is hitting it for a reason, they're likely overrated, overpaid, over the hill or a combo of the three.

offiss 06-01-2004 07:10 PM

Bracken's is off the board, he just signed a 1 year deal with the jag's, espn is reporting.

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