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SmootSmack 05-31-2004 05:27 PM

More Magazine Predictions
[B]Street and Smith[/B]

[U]AFC Wild Cards:[/U]
Baltimore at KC
Denver at Cincy
[U]AFC Divisional Playoffs[/U]
Denver at NE
KC at Indy
[U]AFC Conference Championship[/U]
NE vs. Indy

[U]NFC Wild Cards:[/U]
Carolina at Seattle
Washington at Minnesota
[U]NFC Divisional Playoffs[/U]
Seattle at Atlanta
Washington at Philly
[U]NFC Conference Championship[/U]
Philly vs. Atlanta

[B]Super Bowl XXXIX[/B] Patriots over Eagles

[B]Pro Football Weekly[/B]

[U]AFC Division Winners[/U]
Pats, Ravens, Colts, Chiefs
[U]AFC Wild Cards[/U]
Dolphins, Broncos

[U]NFC Division Winners[/U]
Eagles, Seahawks, Vikings, Panthers
[U]NFC Wild Card[/U]
Rams, Packers

[B]Super Bowl XXXIX[/B] Colts over Eagles

[B]Redskins[/B] 3rd place in division, 8-8, 18-1 odds to win SB, Power Rank: 14, breakthrough player: Taylor Jacobs

SKINSnCANES 05-31-2004 07:55 PM

Atlanta huh. That seems like a little bit of a stretch to me. You never know what Vick will do if hes healthy though, and they got a few players in the draft. Its nice to see Washington in the playoffs to, really nice. I hope it comes tru.

MTK 05-31-2004 11:27 PM

Here's the Skins cover of Street and Smiths


Skins fan 44 06-01-2004 10:57 AM

Damn thats a pretty cover. Now I have to buy one instead of just looking at it at the newsstand.

Gmanc711 06-01-2004 11:17 AM

Damnit Mattyk. I have to get that now, theres 5 bucks i'll never see again. I proboly wont even read anything but the Gibbs article, but that cover is awsome.

Btw, I dont think 8-8 will get you into the playoffs. Unless you win your division at 8-8 ( which they say we wont ), theres no way a 8-8 team gets a wildcard berth. That being said, I still like that they got us in the divisional playoffs, but we wont fall to those iggles.

SmootSmack 06-01-2004 12:02 PM

Hey MattyK did you pick up a copy up in New York with Gibbs on the cover? Because I know that often times magazines "localize" their covers so for example here in DC it's Gibbs, in New York it might be Eli Manning, in New Orleans Duece McAllister, etc.

So I was just curious if this is a national cover or just a local one in DC

MTK 06-01-2004 01:02 PM

Yeah there are different covers for different areas, not sure what the NY one is, probably Manning. I haven't picked up the magazine yet though, I'll probably try to pick it up tonight.

SittingBull 06-01-2004 01:19 PM

Did they airbrush Gibbs' face?

MTK 06-01-2004 01:27 PM

He looks kinda young there, I was wondering if that's an old pic of him or did they throw the old glasses on him to make him look old school. He doesn't still wear those giant glasses, does he?

SmootSmack 06-01-2004 02:10 PM

Yeah I coudn't help but notice they airbrushed out all the tattoos on his arms. LOL....wouldn't that be something if he went AI on us, Redskins chief tat, Lombardi trophy tat, bunch of chinese lettering, etc.

Summo 06-01-2004 04:22 PM

That is a old picture from the 1993? cover. I believe it was street and smith's as well. I have it home in my file cabinet and will take a pic of it, and post it if I can figure out how to do it. -Summo

MTK 06-01-2004 04:26 PM

Cool, thanks for the info Summo. I thought he was looking a little young there!

SittingBull 06-01-2004 06:17 PM

That clears things up. Would be weird if Gibbs got some botox done before the season lol

Riggo44 06-01-2004 07:55 PM

Yea I was woundering if he pulled a Jerry Jones with the make over!! :dallas: :party-smi

Summo 06-02-2004 12:08 PM

Here is that magazine cover from 1992. It was a Team NFL season preview magazine. [IMG]http://redskinssummit.com/GibbsCover.jpg[/IMG]

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