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MTK 08-25-2006 11:23 AM

Training Camp Insider: The Things You See in Ashburn
I thought I'd seen it all when Sonny J. was tooling around again on his Segway, but that's nothing. I have seen the future of human transportation, and it's scary, man. Imagine MTV needed even more inane programming than it already has, and added "Pimp My Golf Cart." Someone had a tricked out a small vehicle at Redskins Park this week like nothing I have seen before. It had a meticulous, shiny paint job, all burgundy and gold with Redskins logos all over it. One of the security guys was riding it, and it must've had something special under the hood, because he was getting some unusual speed with it. The wheels were done up. It had a huge backseat. It had a full license plate (Virginia tags, I believe). Basically, it was made to look like one of the old-school stations wagons, a Woody, with the ornate paneling


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