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htownskinfan 09-02-2006 12:47 AM

I Really Do Love The Redskins!!
If your a regular to this sight you might have noticed a lot of my post as negative to the redskins,I cant help it,just a natural born pessimist,I wish i had the optimism a lot of you have,[especially about this preseason not meaning anything} but it doesnt mean i love the redskins any less than anybody on this site,I bleed burgundy red for the skins and living in cowboy country for most of my life has not been easy being a redskin fan{ born in fairfax,raised in manassas,moved to tx when i was 12} I went to college near dallas and after the cowboys beat us on monday nite I had a redskin shirt printed up with dallas sucks on the back,{got my ass kicked} the night before the skins played dallas in the nfc champioship game in 82 I was riding my motorcycle and was hit by a hit and run driver and when the ambulance got there the first thing i asked them is" will i be able to see the game tommorrow?" 13 years ago i paid 2500.00 bucks for a 10' satellite dish to watch my beloved skins{2500.00 bucks which i didnt have,my wife was not too pleased}
as a kid in tx I would watch mnf just for halftime in hopes that cosell would include the skins in his highlights,the list goes on,so please do not question my loyalty to the skins,I've had my heart broken by them many of times and I'm still coming back for more,I'm finally going to get to see them in person {for the 2nd time,first time the oilers kickedd our ass in 93}this yr when they play the texans and i hope to see some fellow warpathers there, so in closing i guess all i have to say is" Hail to the redskins,fight for old D.C.!!

SeasonTicketHolder 09-02-2006 11:48 AM

Re: I Really Do Love The Redskins!!
awesome post

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