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MTK 06-02-2004 10:31 PM

Interview with Madden '05 Producer

MTK 06-05-2004 11:50 AM

Some highlights for '05, man I can't wait!

Restricted Free Agents - Allow your young guys to test Restricted Free Agency.

Preseason Position Battles - Let two players who are similar in talent battle it out for the starting job.

Player Personalities - Players react to everything that happens to them and if things get really bad for them, they demand a trade. If you're not throwing the ball to your star receiver, you'll hear about it.

Franchise Tags - Tag players who refuse to re-sign with your team.

New Realistic Off-season Free Agency - Players no longer only care about money. They now look at your team, the players you have, your team prestige and lots of other factors.

Weekly Gameplan - Your coordinators provide you with a gameplan each week that contains keys to stop your upcoming opponents.

NFL Icons - We've acknowledged the stars in the NFL and they become Icons in your Franchise. These players influence free agents and affect morale if something happens to them.

Practice in Franchise - You can now practice with your current franchise team.

Improved Team Management - Teams intelligently manage their rosters now. They cut dead weight and sign regular season free agents.

Name Team Captains - You can now name your team captains every year in Franchise.

Rivalries - Rivalries are a new addition to Franchise this year.

Team Prestige - A new aspect of Franchise is prestige. Turn a perennial loser around to become a true powerhouse.

In-Season Player Progression - Players now progress based on how well they're doing during the season. Breakout players are rewarded for their performance.

Improved Draft - A ticker, announcer and trading during the draft highlight our draft improvements.

Change Player Positions - You can change the positions of players in Franchise every season now.

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