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joegibbsuperbowl 09-20-2006 12:06 AM

It is not Brunells fault. Offense a bad fit
He is not a drop back QB. He only does well on bootlegs and roll outs. Even when he throws deep it is usually on a roll out.

He is only 6 feet. He can bearly see over the line.

This year they are not doing the bootlegs to Cooley and Sellers much. It is a basic NFL offense.

This is why Brunell only used 1 wr last year. Whatever side he rolls out is the area he can see. He can not throw a deep out to the other side of the feild. That is why he throws the ball away a lot.

The offense will never be a bigtme offense as long as Brunell is playing.

But they can make it work like last year. They just have to go back to Gibbs calling the plays. And start feeding guys like Cooley and Sellers in the flat.

The offense will become a true drop back pocket offense when Campbell gets his shot.

SmootSmack 09-20-2006 12:10 AM

Re: It is not Brunells fault. Offense a bad fit
Welcome to the board, please use our search function. We've already got a Mega Brunell Thread going on. Trying to keep the site clean

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