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pg86 09-25-2006 04:28 AM

Bash a cowboy fan/cowboy thread
I move to ban all cowboy fans on this board...we have no room for decending opinions! (JUST JOKING WELL NOT REALLY LOL)

Im sure Im gonna get warned for this but this is a bash the cowboy fan thread (ALL IN FUN OF COURSE SO END IT WITH A GOOD WORD!! OK!?!?)

5rings.....if the cowboys finish 1-15....like the 91 season..will you shut up?? LOL You know what I said when you guys got T.O. Wow...I guess my Give-a-damn button is broke! and how shallow is that name...5 rings...3 of which you probably weren't around to see..lol

By the way Your talking about how great the cowboys are...Your team has never Beaten the TEXANS!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ROFLMAO Thats really sad because even during the Spurrier Era we beat the Texans.......The texans are the ONLY TEAM IN THE NFL THE COWBOYS HAVE NEVER BEATEN.....Don't ever come here talking crap again..:P...You know Im just messing with you...At least your a worthy opponent though! LOL hahaha

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