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MTK 06-08-2004 03:08 PM

Parcells apologizes for racial slur
Haha what a dope, real classy there tuna!


SmootSmack 06-08-2004 03:21 PM

Parcells and [URL=http://www.canada.com/sports/football/story.html?id=9631084D-07CC-42ED-A717-49BE2B1A864F]Junior Seau[/URL] win the "foot in mouth" awards for last week.

Really, they both should know better. They've been in the public eye long enough to know what to say and what not to say

Big C 06-08-2004 05:23 PM

i hate that man. first, he makes the cowboys a winner again. then he wears his shorts way, way too high for anyone to wear them. then he makes fun of japanese ppl and sits there sayin theres no disrespect meant by it, not realizig it was wrong? no, just not a good guy. coach gibbs wouldnt do that.

itvnetop 06-08-2004 05:25 PM

I think what's even worse is the fact he didn't even know that his pre-offensive remark was just as offensive- "No disrespect for the 'Orientals'"???

saden1 06-08-2004 07:05 PM

As an African American, Japanese America, Indian American, Irish American, Latino American I am offended!!!!

p.s. What's wrong with "Pearl Harbor Plays" Bill??? What's wrong with it I ask!!

Big C 06-08-2004 07:09 PM

or just secret plays, or special plays, or trick plays

sportscurmudgeon 06-08-2004 07:21 PM

For all of you who are so easily offended, please stop urging the defensive coaches this year to "blitz" more often. Think about the horrible memories you might bring back to those survivors of the blitzkrieg in WW II. Oh, and what if you offended a German-american with that terminology.

Ade Jimoh Fan Club 06-08-2004 07:25 PM

And we shouldn't use the word "sack" anymore since it could offend testicular cancer survivors.

Seriously, you homos, errr, people need to lighten up. Parcells IS a fag though. Ooops! Dammitt!

itvnetop 06-08-2004 07:48 PM

Would you question the offensiveness of "porch monkey plays" or "lawn jockey counter-treys"?

Most people probably would- such terms are rooted in deep seeded hatred spanning back decades.

But "Jap" and "Oriental" should not be taken as offense? You're kidding me right? Just because Asian-Americans are a much more marginalized group (not discrimation-wise necessarily, more along political and social influence within the context of American culture) today, does that mean these terms are okay to accept as an Asian-American? Am I too PC because someone uses the term "Jap", which is definitely attached to a negative connotation. People were not using this word as a sign of austerity back in the 60s... And the term "Oriental" denotes "East of Europe" (although Webster's will probably have a more eurocentric definition), relagating the Asian regions as an foriegn land to a centralized Europe. Not to mention, "Oriental" is commonly used to describe objects (not people) nowadays.

Sorry for the spout- don't wanna start a flame war with ya SC or Ade... just wanted to explain why it's "easily offensive" to some of us. Trust me, I'm not one to get hot and bothered over alot of stuff too many people focus wasted energy on (some people take stuff way too seriously as it is). But let's be honest- Parcells would have been summarily fired if he had called a play the "fried chicken waggle." OK, he's not being fired for his "Jap" comment- I'll accept that... but he's not even being fined? Also, did anyone notice that the journalist never even noticed the "oriental" comment. Just today in my email box, i received about four or five messages from friends (Asian and non-Asian) discussing just the "oriental" thing.

That's the whole point of me going off i guess... it's the double standard that exists- how many people got pissed off at Rush Limbaugh for saying the media wants a black quarterback to succeed? In fact, i remember close to 75 percent of the 'path was angry posters that day. Needless to say he got fired. IMO, Parcells was way less tactfull by naming a bunch of plays "Jap Plays." Yet how many people are up in arms about it? How much punishment is Parcells receiving? The whole point of my rant is not to stir up arguments (god knows we're all skins fans here- we've got a common goal). I just wanna question some of the subterfuge that exists right now...

peace all

RedskinRat 06-08-2004 07:53 PM

Who's left to pick on? I can't wait for the Martians to tun up, I have a lot of venom and hate stored up.

SmootSmack 06-08-2004 08:07 PM

What really struck me as odd with Parcells' remarks were that it seemed like he was aware that he was about to offend some people so he prefaced it with his "no offense to Orientals" remark. I guess my thing is if you know what you're about to say could offend people then why say it?

Riggo44 06-08-2004 08:23 PM

[QUOTE=smootsmack]What really struck me as odd with Parcells' remarks were that it seemed like he was aware that he was about to offend some people so he prefaced it with his "no offense to Orientals" remark. I guess my thing is if you know what you're about to say could offend people then why say it?[/QUOTE]
I agree!

sportscurmudgeon 06-08-2004 11:15 PM


Obviously, Parcells realized that he was running his mouth into "murky waters" in the middle of his sentence. That's why he did the "no disrepect..." interjection. Unless he thought what he was about to say might be taken disrepsectfully, it would never occur to him to make that interjection.

EXAMPLE: No one would say even the people who want to serve "Freedom Fries" instead of "French Fries" something like, "We signed this free agent defensive tackle because he - no disrespect to fat people - because he is really big and we think it will be hard to move him out of the middle."

No it would not be all right for him to have said the things you suggested he might say. But he didn't and so no one can be offended. but if he had said what he said, the outrage needs to come from where the offense aimed.

So Parcells had a sense of what he was doing and he did it anyway. For that he should apologize - which he did - and for that he should be chastized by the people he offended.

It is a bit much for everyone in the media to take offense at this statement since for the vast majority of them it is not something that relates to them. If I say that people who can't score 600 on the SAT exams (prior to the new system where there are three scores added together) are dumb, you may argue with me that there could be other factors that caused them to make such a score. But unless you are one of those people or one of your family is one of them, then your standing in terms of labeling me as a bigot or a stereotyper is a bit thin.

Some of the media honchos have called for the NFL to fine Parcells or even to suspend him for a game. Excuse me. This is a league where players refer to others associated with the league as "homos" (Shockey about Parcells) and "faggots" (Seau recently in Miami) and nothing is done about it. So why should Parcells get a game suspension? (Other than the fact of course that he is a Cowboy...)

Many in the overly-righteous wing of the media believe that the name "Redskins" is a racist slur that should be removed from the NFL whether or not the team owner wants to change it or not. I don't like that idea either.

With regard to the Rush Limbaugh remark, what he said was that he believed that the media wanted a black QB to be a success and that they (the media and not black QBs) were not as critical of poor performacne in those cases as they might be. He didn't say that black QBs weren't any good; he said they "got kid glove treatment" from the media. That was offensive to media people and they expressed their outrage - properly - and he was fired by a company whose sole business is - - the media.

itvnetop 06-09-2004 12:16 AM

Point taken SC... but I never once labeled you anything, so i'm not sure where you got the whole "labeling me as a bigot or stereotyper." If you reread my post, I'm basically offering an explanation as to why people are offended by such a statement.

Oh and btw- I am "one of those people" you are talking about, in terms of the respective group in question. But I don't know how being a part of said group gives me more of a right to call Parcells out than someone who isn't... maybe it's a matter of personal difference, but to me "Jap" is highly offensive and it's something that should be taken seriously. Have you ever been called "Jap"? I'm not even Japanese, but I've been called one numerous times when i was growing up in Virginia. And when I was called such, it wasn't because the person was trying to be my friend. I shouldn't even have had to mention this to defend my earlier post, because it shouldn't matter that I am a certain race in order to call Parcells out on this.

Apologies if you took my earlier post as an attack or something, but I still don't see where I implied anything. I was only rebutting the statement of people taking Parcells' "Jap" comment too seriously. I also pointed out the double standard to wake people up- the media was not the only group pissed at Limbaugh (do you really think ESPN fired him because he was slamming the media? Barkley is always slamming the media on TNT even though he's a part of it now... ESPN fired him because of the PUBLIC outcry of perceived racism on the part of Limbaugh) ... most fans, in addition to this board, were expressing rage at his comments. Yet there is a noticeable lack of the same emotion towards Parcells, who was actually much more blatant in his derogatory statements. I'm just making an attempt to enlighten those who don't understand why many of us are offended by the term "Jap" and "Oriental"... it's your choice whether you still don't get it or not- i'm not trying to push an agenda on anyone. Again, it's just an explanation.

SmootSmack 06-09-2004 01:46 AM

While we're on the topic, how about Larry Bird's most recent comments?!


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