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Bergman14 06-11-2004 03:18 PM

Best coaches of all time

This is a very impressive group but we all know who the winner should be

SKINSnCANES 06-11-2004 03:24 PM

WHen I just did it Gibbs was ranked 3rd for best NFL coach behind Belichick and Parcells.

cpayne5 06-11-2004 04:00 PM

[QUOTE=SKINSnCANES]WHen I just did it Gibbs was ranked 3rd for best NFL coach behind Belichick and Parcells.[/QUOTE]
And 21st of all time overall. Parcells was 10th in that list.

sportscurmudgeon 06-14-2004 02:06 PM

Just a question here:

How far down on the list might you have to go to find either Bruce Coslett or Richie Kotite?

I'm guessing we are talking about folks in the "Bottom 10"...

SmootSmack 06-15-2004 12:57 AM

Curmudgeon, don't forget Rick Venturi

JWsleep 06-15-2004 01:33 AM

Steve Spurrier? (Sorry, Daseal! ;) )

Hogskin 06-15-2004 08:16 AM

Hey, most of you guys don't go back that far, but Otto Graham had a REAL impressive stint as Redskin coach...

Actually, I think Gibbs IS the best coach in sports today. And if he is wildly successful this time, I believe it will place him right at the top all-time with Lombardi. (I really don't think anyone could ever displace Vince at the top, but he may have to share...)

SmootSmack 06-15-2004 03:53 PM

I got a question for the Hogskin and Sportscurmudgeon types on the Warpath (i.e. the older/wiser generation)....tell me about the Pardee era. I know records-wise it wasn't great but was he put in an unfair position since he and Beathard disagreed so much? We hear about Allen all the time and of course Gibbs, but Pardee seems kind of forgotten. So I'd love to hear more about what the team was like back then. And also how did you guys feel the first time the Skins hired Gibbs. Were you excited?

Dave Butz Baby! 06-15-2004 04:13 PM

I know I'm not in the "older" generation, but I remember that Pardee wasn't exactly a "player's" coach. I read things about him such as... Q: "How do you know Pardee is lying?" A: "His lips are moving".

I read a recent interview with Dave Butz (Baby!) where he said pretty much the same thing... you never knew where you stood with Pardee and what he told the players to be fact depended on who he was talking to and when. By the time he left to go back to the Univ of Houston, he had pretty much lost all respect from the players.

Any of you "older" folks want to shine any more light on this? I remember him as coach, though I don't really remember the press' account of him at the time...

Hogskin 06-15-2004 05:07 PM

Well, first I want to say, Pardee was OUTSTANDING as a player. As a coach, I would confirm Butz' comments and add that while my recollection of his stint is not vivid, I seem to recall that he was not a good disciplinarian - too soft. Maybe some others have a clearer memory of it. However, I do not feel he was put in an unfair situation - just another of those coaches that are pretty good on one level, but not as an NFL HC.

I personally did not know much about Joe Gibbs when he first took over as Redskin coach. And, of course, it was not looking too wonderful 5 games into the season (0-5). He sure didn't waste any time AFTER that start making us believers in him, though. The guy I really did not care for at first was Bobby Beathard. Early on, he made several player moves that I was not fond of - especially with some of the team veterans. Turned out Betheard was VERY good at drafting late-round picks, not great with round 1 guys (so it was good that he usually traded them). He and Joe went around and around over some personnel decisions late in his stay here.

SmootSmack 06-15-2004 05:27 PM

This is really interesting hearing about Pardee and Gibbs from you Hogskin and from you DBB. I had thought Pardee maybe got a bum rap since he seemed to do ok in Houston and he was coach of the year twice in the late 70's right?

Another question about Gibbs for you guys. It's more of a general question about assistant coaches really. Today we know all about offensive and defensive coordinators and who the hot head coaching candidates out there are. For just about everyone on this site, names like Lovie Smith, Mike Mularkey and Marvin Lewis were pretty commonplace before they became head coaches. Was it the same back when Gibbs was coaching in San Diego? Were football fans aware of the third person in the Coryell-Fouts-Gibbs triumvirate or were coordinators and assistant coaches not such a big deal?

Redskins8588 06-15-2004 06:02 PM

Smootsmack here is a pretty interesting article about the NFL back in the day

SmootSmack 06-15-2004 06:23 PM

[QUOTE=Redskins8588]Smootsmack here is a pretty interesting article about the NFL back in the day

Thanks. Good find!

Dave Butz Baby! 06-15-2004 06:37 PM

I think Pardee was coach of the year in 1979, though I could be wrong. You can read between the lines to see what Dave Butz thought about him... (from [URL=http://redskins.theinsiders.com/2/53814.html]WarpathInsiders[/URL])

[i]Butz and his teammates went through another transition in 1978 when former Redskins linebacker Jack Pardee replaced Allen as the head coach. "I think it put (the defense) on the field more," Butz said. "George was a very truthful, straightforward guy. He would tell you something and then turn around and tell someone else the exact same thing. He didnít pull any punches. Where some of the other coaches I played for didnít do that."[/i]

I definitely remember when Gibbs was hired. I distinctly remembering my mom telling me he'd been hired and I pretty much said "Who the hell is that?" (or whatever I would have said as a ten year old). The second she told me he came from Air Coryell and Fouts, I was very excited. Air Coryell was such a blast to watch back in the day... pretty much any football fan was aware of it then, much like The Greatest Show on Turf is known today.

So too answer your question smootsmack... I honestly don't know! My "elder" was definitely aware of who he was though.

PSUskinsfan11 06-15-2004 06:52 PM

where the hell is DITKA on this list of greatest coaches of all time!!!!

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