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Cush 06-11-2004 10:21 PM

ESPN NFL 2k5 only $20.00

[quote]Two days ago, many sports fans did a double take when they saw ESPN NFL 2K5 listed at a $19.99 price point on EBgames.com and GameStop.com. However, at the time, officials from the game's developer, Visual Concepts, wouldn't officially confirm the new budget price, saying only, "We will have big announcements regarding the game soon."

Apparently "soon" meant "Friday." Today, EBgames.com is advertising the new $19.99 price point on its home page as "just announced." Sources within the retailer confirmed that "The $19.99 launch price for [the] Xbox and PS2 is official and has been confirmed by the publisher." [/quote]

MTK 06-12-2004 01:07 AM

A bold move by ESPN, Madden will still probably out sell it though.

Even for a savings of $30 I'll be sticking with Madden.

SKINSnCANES 06-14-2004 05:55 PM

theres no doubt that ill be buying Madden this August, and paying 40 dollars more for the limited edition version. But for 20 bucks, and after reading the review I kinda want to give espn a try. It wont break my bank so I might try it. Mabye start a poll on here if people think they will try it for 20 bucks.

Redskins8588 06-14-2004 08:01 PM

I will am gonna buy the anniversery madden, but even if they wanted $50 for espn nfl 2k5 I would buy it.

Gmanc711 06-14-2004 08:12 PM

For Twenty Bucks, I'll defintley give it a shot. I'll proboly just split Madden 2005 with my brother again, so it will be like I just bought one game overall.

Redskins8588 06-14-2004 10:13 PM

[QUOTE=Gmanc711]For Twenty Bucks, I'll defintley give it a shot. I'll proboly just split Madden 2005 with my brother again, so it will be like I just bought one game overall.[/QUOTE]

If you give it a honest try I think that you will like the set up of the game, I am rather excited that it is only gonna cost me $20 this year. IMO you may end up liking it better than Madden.

Cush 06-15-2004 07:26 PM

I might get it only because my gaming budget might be a little low then. There will be several games out in that time frame (Aug-Sept) that i'm interested in.

skinsfanthru&thru 06-16-2004 03:22 PM

did anyone else own and play NFL 2K3? i hope they've adjusted it since then cuz the scores always seemed to be around 100 points for both teams in a simulated game and players ran for over 200-300 yards a game and the qb threw for over a 600 yards with 6 or 7 tds, it was ridiculous. other than that the game was awesome. i love how they do the draft talent evaluating better than madden plus i've only drafted like 2 or three players in madded that were starting quality whereas 2k3 reflected that there r usually atleast 4 or 5 extremely talented players capable of starting in each draft.

redrock-skins 07-08-2004 01:25 PM

I am buying the game for $20. I have been very happy with ESPN Baseball and Hockey. While I love Madden, I like the $20 price. Chances are I end up getting both though.

Cush 07-08-2004 01:33 PM

According to EBGames and Gamestop, ESPN 2k5 will be out July 20.

skinsfanthru&thru 07-08-2004 03:50 PM

I'll be getting both Espn 2k5 and madden with my nice new employee discount at EB Games :headbange and the cool thing is we get to wear jerseys to work during the promotional periods of all the football games :thumb:

MTK 07-08-2004 04:14 PM

I'm a Madden guy, I'm sure NFL2k5 will be fun and at $20 it's a great deal, but there's just something special about Madden.

That Guy 07-08-2004 09:12 PM

if you really just want to try them out, thats what suprnova.org is for ;), ou can even get the games up to a week before release. but if you do like your free "trial," I definately suggest supporting the company that made it. I really want madden 2k5 cause the 2k4 skins roster kinda blew...

MTK 07-10-2004 01:22 PM

well.... on second thought for just $20 and a release date two weeks ahead of Madden, I just might give it a try, what the heck?

redrock-skins 07-10-2004 09:47 PM

This is from the forum admin at ESPN Message Boards:
Posted: Thu Jul 08, 2004 11:02 am Post subject:


ESPN Videogames has made no official statment regarding a change in release date... as it stands now, NFL 2K5 will ship August 10th.

Any date announcements (in this case ebgames.com) are erroneously posted.

Please stay tuned for more information.

- forum Admin

Now if my game arrives early in the mail, I will not complain. What would be really cool is if ESPN can drive the price of Madden down.

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