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Sheriff Gonna Getcha 06-22-2004 03:32 PM

Some interesting Points By Paul Woody
The below passage is from an old article (one which I don't believe was ever posted). The most interesting point is about Joe Jacoby and our late-round picks.

Q. Duck: Why in the world would Gibbs waste two draft picks on below average offensive tackles when there is such a need on the defensive line? I thought the o-line was set for the next few years!

A. Paul Woody: Gibbs was asked essentially the same question on Sunday. His answer was that at that point in the draft, they were looking at positions where the players drafted had a legitimate chance to make the team. They wanted to find a couple of young offensive linemen, turn them over to Joe Bugel and let him develop them. Gibbs mentioned Joe Jacoby as an example of that thinking, which is correct, to a point. What Gibbs didn't mention was that Jacoby came in as a college free agent, Gibbs thought he was a defensive lineman and when he found out he was an offensive lineman, wanted to cut him. The personnel people talked him out of that, and when Gibbs and Bugel saw Jacoby perform early in training camp, saw that he had exceptional speed and quickness for someone so large, they knew they had someone they could develop. Over the years with Gibbs, the Redskins took a number of offensive linemen late in the draft, hoping to develop them into starters. Sometimes it worked: Raleigh McKenzie and Mark Schlereth come to mind. Sometimes it didn't: Bob Winckler and Curt Singer come to mind.

Gibbs essentially was saying that the Redskins felt no defensive linemen were available that late in the draft who could make a serious run at making the final roster. And he said they hope to generate at least some of their pass rush with their linebackers.


Q. Charles: Paul, A glaring need where the Redskins didn't get any help at all from the draft is defensive line. Since they didn't get significant help in free agency there either, what are their options now? Are they hoping to get cast-offs from other teams once training camps start and cuts are made? Or do you think they might try to trade one of their offensive guys for a defensive lineman?

It has been proven that when the Redskins try to build a defensive line with cast-offs and undrafted free agents, it just doesn't work. No matter how good your linebackers are, if the defensive line can't penetrate or occupy blockers you're still going to give up 5 to 6 yards a carry, and have to blitz to have any chance of getting a sack.

A. Paul Woody: You're exactly right about the defensive line. Had there been a defensive end or tackle who was rated as worth the No.5 pick overall, I think the Redskins would have taken him. And yes, they'll look in the secondary free agent market now, particularly at the players who are released in salary-cap moves on June 1. But you're right, that's a difficult way to build a defensive line and it's doubtful they'll find the help they really need. They're also hoping that Brandon Noble makes a full recovery from that devasting knee injury he had last season and that Cornelius Griffin plays as well as he did his rookie year instead of the mediocre way he's played since his rookie season. Still, it's tough to generate the pass rush you need with your defensive tackles. And Noble is a more "stand his ground" type tackle than one who will push the pocket.

From a strategic standpoint, what they're hoping to do is generate more pass-rush pressure with their linebackers, particularly LaVar Arrington and Marcus Washington. That's one reason they're moving LaVar to the weakside. They figure he'll have a better path to the quarterback without a tight end in front of him on every snap. Gregg Williams, the new defensive coordinator, appears to be the type of coach who believes in blitzing at every opportunity.

SKINSnCANES 06-22-2004 11:04 PM

well, nothing us educated Skins fan didnt know. Hopefully thourgh coaching we will get more pressure. But if not our offense will have to do a little extra work this year.

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