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SlabHurta 12-12-2006 11:56 AM

Another "Who to start" thread.
Ok I got two questions regarding who to start in the first round of the fantasy playoffs, or week 15.

I need to pick two outta these three rbs: Brian Westbrook vs. NYG, Tiki Barber vs. Philly, and Ladell Betts vs. New Orleans.

I'm leaning towards Westbrook and Betts but considering what Betts did to Philly I think Barber has potential to do the same thing.

Also I need to start 1 outta these three tight ends: Ben Watson vs. Houston, Kellen Winslow vs. Baltimore, or Jason Witten vs. Atlanta.

I would start Watson but idk the extent of his leg injury and I believe Winslow is coming off injury and Witten hasn't seen much action lately so I have no idea who to start.

Thanks for all the input guys.

BDBohnzie 12-12-2006 02:39 PM

Re: Another "Who to start" thread.
Start Westbrook and Betts. Barber hasn't done squat in the last 4 games (311 yards and a fumble). Betts will get another 30 carries, and the Saints have a good defense, but they can be soft against the run. They gave up a huge run to Julius Jones last week (10-116-1), and almost 300 yards on the ground to Atlanta 3 weeks ago.

TE wise. Here are their stats the last 4 games:
Witten: 13-161-0
Watson: 15-207-2
Winslow: 15-133-0

If Watson doesn't go, start Witten.

Monkeydad 12-13-2006 01:17 PM

Re: Another "Who to start" thread.
Barber and Betts...Winslow at TE.

hail_2_da_skins 12-13-2006 03:19 PM

Re: Another "Who to start" thread.
Fantasy Football Rule #101

Always start your best players. Only exception to this rule is a bye week or injury. Weekly matchups only apply to evenly talented players.

So with FFR #101 applied, your best running backs are Westbrook and Barber. Your TE situation is bad, Watson, Winslow or Witten is a coin toss. I like the matchup between New England and Houston, Tom Brady will not have two bad games in a row, go with Ben Watson.

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