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saden1 02-21-2007 12:37 PM

Investing: Royalty Trusts
Anyone in here investing in Royalty Trusts? I was looking into [URL="http://finance.google.com/finance?q=BPT"]this company[/URL] and was amazed at how much dividends they pay. Last year they payed out $8.5 per share in dividends. With a beta of 0.25 and a very low P/E it sounds too [URL="http://quote.fool.com/summary.aspx?s=BPT"]good to be true[/URL].

saden1 02-21-2007 01:01 PM

Re: Investing: Royalty Trusts
[QUOTE=firstdown;279164]The link you you have "this Company" says its in a tail spin and is a a record low. Why don't you throw in a few grand and let us know how you do.LOL If you throw in a few grand you will be the saden1.[/QUOTE]

Buy low, sell high? Isn't that how one makes money? In all investing it takes an institution shareholder to sell its shares for a stock to tank. Anywho, this company got me thinking about trusts in general.

That Guy 02-21-2007 04:41 PM

Re: Investing: Royalty Trusts
generally managed mutual funds are the best bet, unless you plan to spend LOTS and LOTS of time researching and making phone calls.

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