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saden1 02-23-2007 02:00 PM

Counter Offers
Anyone in here ever accept a counter offer to stay at your current job?

MTK 02-23-2007 03:01 PM

Re: Counter Offers
I did this past fall. It was pretty nice, my company approached me when they heard through the grapevine I was interviewing elsewhere.

dmek25 02-23-2007 03:26 PM

Re: Counter Offers
did you stay matty? and was it all about the money?

MTK 02-23-2007 03:37 PM

Re: Counter Offers
[quote=dmek25;279917]did you stay matty? and was it all about the money?[/quote]

Yeah I stayed for more money and another week of vacation time. I really wasn't planning on leaving so no it wasn't all about the money but it sure helped. I thought it was worth the gamble to interview and leverage myself with my company, and it worked out.

JGisLordOfTheRings 02-23-2007 03:49 PM

Re: Counter Offers
Nice strategy! lol

TheMalcolmConnection 02-24-2007 09:11 AM

Re: Counter Offers
The graphic design company I got my first job at upped my hourly rate four dollars and gave me instant vacation as well (you previously had to earn it). They knew I hated being their workhorse because I was the first person ever to work there with an actual design degree. It was just coincidence that their profits tripled to record highs while I was there and they had to release two part-timers after I finally left.

Not saying I was awesome (I obviously wasn't, because I hated that job and do computer stuff now) but I AM saying that the management of that place should have spent more money on getting GOOD talent than paying just above minimum wage to the other crappy designers who had been there for fifteen plus years.

Schneed10 02-24-2007 09:55 AM

Re: Counter Offers
After I graduated college I got an assistant financial analyst job and was in it for a year. My bosses weren't communicating anything to me with regards to how I was performing, so I started interviewing. I posted my resume to Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com, and got scheduled for an interview somewhere. My employer's search on Monster picked up my updated resume and HR notified my boss. She called me into her office, said she noticed my resume was out there, and asked if I was happy and if this was the job I was looking for. I said actually I do like what I'm doing here, but I'm not sure how well I'm viewed, and I put my resume out there just to see what opportunities there were.

A week later she gave me a promotion with a 25% raise. I'd say it worked out.

Sometimes employers need to know you're a flight risk; that's often the catalyst for them to take action to retain you. You have to be careful though. You can't just walk into their office and threaten to leave. It's best when you have another job offer in hand, and then they can counter.

Taking your employer's counter can be great. You get to stay where the people know you, know your work, know your reputation, and you stay in a place that you're likely comfortable.

Some people say well if they really liked you, they would have promoted you before another opportunity even came along. That happens no matter where you are. Sometimes, there just needs to be a catalyst in place to make a promotion happen.

saden1 02-24-2007 11:47 AM

Re: Counter Offers
I'm in a bit of a weird situation. The company I work for got bought by the second largest software company in the world. The new company basically made me an offer that would result in me loosing money (some of my benefits were reduced).

I interviewed for a position last week and got a nice offer from them. We have somewhat made the transition to the company that acquired us and after they found out I was resigning they counter offered almost 13% more than what the other company offered. I think my boss is very genuine in trying to retain me, I just don't know if the company that acquired us is.

BDBohnzie 02-26-2007 08:17 AM

Re: Counter Offers
saden, you mentioned that some of the benefits at your current company were reduced...how does the benefits at this company you interviewed with compare? While cash is always good, sometimes the bigger benefit package outweighs any increase in income...

saden1 02-26-2007 09:42 AM

Re: Counter Offers
[QUOTE=BDBohnzie;280385]saden, you mentioned that some of the benefits at your current company were reduced...how does the benefits at this company you interviewed with compare? While cash is always good, sometimes the bigger benefit package outweighs any increase in income...[/QUOTE]

Overall, the new company's gave me pretty much everything you would want in benefits except 401K matching which isn't a big deal because the money was more than enough to compensate for the lack of matching.

My current company upped the ante big time to get me to stay. They will restore my benefits (15 day vacation, 401K matching, stock options) plus they are offering serious cash on top of it (extra $850 a month above what the other company is offering).

BDBohnzie 02-26-2007 10:48 AM

Re: Counter Offers
As long as you're happy where you are, I don't see it being a problem in staying. Unless you think that in the long run, your department may be cut in downsizing...

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