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SmootSmack 07-12-2004 11:38 PM

Orioles Win!
Well actually it was Miguel Tejada and it was just the homerun derby. Still it's a silver lining in an otherwise dark cloud to a season. He set a single round record with 15 homeruns.

cpayne5 07-13-2004 08:39 AM

Now let's hope the O's can turn the season around.

That Guy 07-13-2004 08:51 AM

Personally, I dislike the owner and don't mind watching them burn.

cpayne5 07-13-2004 03:31 PM

[QUOTE=That Guy]Personally, I dislike the owner and don't mind watching them burn.[/QUOTE]
I don't like Angelos either, but I'm still a fan and still want to see them do well.

Redskins_P 07-13-2004 04:52 PM

[QUOTE=That Guy]Personally, I dislike the owner and don't mind watching them burn.[/QUOTE]

I dislike the owner also. I do like most of the players on the team though and Lee Mazzili ( X-Yankee ). Too bad this might be Mazzili's first and last year managing the O's. If the guy had some good pitchers then this whole season would be a different story. Ponson needs lose about 30 pounds, and the rest of the guys are all from the minors......how does Angelos expect them to be contenders without some good pitching? Especially in the AL EAST!!

On top of all that, he's doing everything in his power to stop the Expos from coming to DC. That's just plain selfish. Baltimore is Baltimore and DC is DC. Plus.....the Orioles are nothing better than mediocre.

Sorry guys...I just had to vent. I really hate Angelos.

SmootSmack 07-13-2004 05:05 PM

I think that Sam Perlozzo should have gotten the managerial job, and now it looks like he'll get the Expos job should they move to the DC area. Regardless, it was wrong not to let Mazzilli choose his own coaching staff. I've never liked Ponson. He's only been focused and good in his contract year last year. And the Orioles, while calling him their ace, put him up against the opponent's number 3 or 4 pitcher, to make him look better. I just hope the guys we got in return for him, namely Kurt Ainsworth, can get better. I'm not too concerned with the young pitching staff taking their lumps so long as they can turn the experience into wins next year. It looks though like Matt Riley is done, rumor is he could be headed to the Dodgers. What a bust he turned out to be. Him and Ben McDonald.

As for the whole DC-Baltimore thing. All I know is I'll be pretty upset if the team ends up in Loudoun County. That would be further away from Baltimore for me, which as it is is 45 minutes away. I'd like to see DC get the team and revitalize the Southwest Waterfront area. I think though that realistically Virginia has the better plan. And it's relatively far enough to appease Angelos.

I'll stop now because I could go on forever about baseball and I don't want to bore those of you who aren't fans.

That Guy 07-14-2004 08:02 AM

what steams me is that back when the orioles came in, they got the blessing from the senator's owner (which, i believe, was necessary) to move in nearby, and now there's no reciprocity on his part. That and Selig is a liar/extortionist.

SmootSmack 07-14-2004 10:45 AM

And the Orioles opposed the Senators move to Texas back in 1971. Since this is a Redskins fan site, here's the interesting connection. In 1965, Bob Short sold his Los Angeles Lakers to a Canadian millionaire, clearing the way for Short to buy the Senators. A few years later that same Canuck, intent on owning a team in Washington DC, considerd buying the Senators and saving the city. Instead he decided to "settle" on buying the area football team.

Things turned out OK for Jack Kent Cooke and Redskins fans for the next 20+ years

That Guy 07-14-2004 04:29 PM

I never knew that...

SmootSmack 07-14-2004 04:42 PM

And if I have my facts straight, Jack Kent Cooke bought the Redskins from Edward Bennett Williams so EBW could go off and buy the Orioles. Though EBW did stay on for several more years as President of the Redskins....small world

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