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Daseal 03-19-2007 05:20 PM

Josh Wilson
Hey Guys,

I'm curious where Josh Wilson is predicted to go in the draft. If we end up trading down and have a 3rd round pick would that be good enough? He sounds like a very solid young prospect with lots of speed. Could play special teams and eventually be a CB once Springs is gone.

rvd420 03-19-2007 05:24 PM

Re: Josh Wilson
dont count out bly.archy hopefully will be gone and we get landry or merriweather to replace him.

RMSkins 03-19-2007 05:38 PM

Re: Josh Wilson
I think if we were to acquire a 3rd I would rather spend it on an OG, possibly Manuel Ramirez.

rvd420 03-19-2007 05:40 PM

Re: Josh Wilson
or blaylock if hes still there.

ArtMonkDrillz 03-19-2007 06:53 PM

Re: Josh Wilson
Wilson isn't all that big but he is crazy fast and he seems like a good kid and a hard worker. I really enjoyed watching him play for the Terps the past few seasons and I'd be more than happy to have him on the Skins.

Daseal 03-19-2007 07:11 PM

Re: Josh Wilson
Yeah, he's been on the all-academic team and been recognized for his hard work. He graduated with well above a 3.0 from one of the business schools at Maryland (ranked top 15 in the nation).

I'm more curious WHERE this guy is looking to fall in the draft.

That Guy 03-19-2007 07:11 PM

Re: Josh Wilson
wilson is always rushing to the pile, which is great. hard worker... probably goes in the top 5 or so picks in the 3rd if not a bit earlier. he'd be somebody i'd definitely be up on.

2006 stats: 73 TT, 3.5 TFL, 2 SK, INT, 8 PBU, 2 blocked kicks

Positives: Has a lean frame, but it shows good overall body definition...Very strong for a player of his size (350-pound bench press) and uses that to his advantage with his physical play in attempts to press and reroute receivers...A little stiff in his hips, but has very good closing speed to consistently make plays in front of him...Shows valid ball skills and keen field instincts and is rarely caught out of position...Has the sustained quickness to stay on the hip of the receiver throughout the route, and is such a hard hitter that the staff had confidence when lining him up at safety...Bit of a trash talker, but did mature quite a bit as a senior...Best when tracking the ball in flight, as he has the burst to cover ground and break on the ball...Has the awareness needed to read routes and anticipate secondary receiver moves in zone coverage...Aggressive attacking the ball and while he lacks the loose hips you'd like in man coverage, very few opponents can shake free from him in the open (mostly due to his ability to read routes and quickly recover when beaten)...Needs backpedal technique work (stiff hips), but shows decent balance and the ability to maintain position coming out of breaks...The feel he has playing in the zone reminds me of another undersized Maryland cornerback, Domonique Foxworth, who tutored Wilson earlier in his career...Does a nice job of locating receivers and handling the switch-off when playing the deep zone...Has a good sense to anticipate the plays and shows good closing speed and breakdown ability working in space, especially against the outside running game...Needs to improve his range (needs to build up to top speed and is not sudden, despite his rare timed quickness), but shows good ball skills and timing...Has improved his ability to stick his feet to transition out of his breaks quicker than in the past...Gets banged up a bit working in traffic, but shows the timing and leaping ability to compete for jump balls...Does a nice job of adjusting and reaching around the receiver to break up passes...Doesn't have natural hands, but has the functional ball skills to adjust on the move and track the ball in flight...Likes to close on the ball in a hurry, especially in run force (lacks the size, but plays with good toughness, using his hands to shed and plays with good leverage)...His vertical agility lets him get to a lot of high passes in attempts to break up the play (good on the tip drill)...Needs to be a more consistent wrap-up tackler, but hits with good pop on contact and shows decent knee bend and balance to fit in space...Plays with a high motor and it is rare to see him throttle down, even when not involved in the play...His leaping ability has also seen him excel as a kick blocker...His straight-line speed and ability to build acceleration makes him a valid threat as a kickoff returner, but ball security is an issue there (five fumbles, three lost on kickoffs in 2006)... Seems to thrive in pressure situations and plays his best vs. top-level competition (will generally cover the opponent's top receiving threat).

Negatives: Plays like he a linebacker, but his small frame takes an unnecessary beating and while he has not missed game action with injuries, they have cost him some practice time (in 2006, he was forced to wear a boot on his foot after injuring it when stepped on in the FIU game)...Has hip stiffness that prevents him from opening them and it causes him to get high in his backpedal (result is a herky-jerky running motion coming out of breaks)...Team leader, but a bit of a high maintenance type who will question the staff quite a bit...Times his leaps well, but the bigger receivers still have an advantage on him competing for jump balls (will give total effort combating for the ball, though)...Needs to be a more consistent wrap-up tackler, as he gets reckless, flies to the ball and tries to deliver a punishing arm tackle, but due to size issues the bigger receivers and backs are able to absorb those blows and break tackles...Has very good timed speed, but needs to build up to top acceleration and this takes some time to accomplish...Needs to allow a smaller cushion, especially with his hip stiffness, as the faster NFL receivers could take advantage of the space he allows underneath...Active with his hands, but doesn't have the size to face up to offensive linemen and his frame appears to be at maximum growth potential without more weight impacting his quickness...Effective kickoff returner, but has ball security issues (five fumbles in 2006) returning kicks and needs to have the ball tucked and secure before heading up field...The staff says he has natural hands, but along with fumble issues he fails to catch the ball outside his frame when attempting to reach the pass at its high point and will double catch quite a bit, leading to more pass deflections than interceptions...Has shorter than ideal arms (28 7/8-inch length) that will cause him to have problems vs. the taller receivers in jump ball situations.

Compares To: DOMINIQUE FOXWORTH-Denver...Like his former teammate, Wilson packs a lot of punch behind his hits for a player his size. He is a smart player who adjusts his game accordingly and has the ability to play cornerback or free safety. He has good speed as a kickoff returner, but needs to field the ball cleanly to stop all those costly fumbles. Despite his speed, he lacks explosion coming out of his breaks and plays the zone (much better in plays in front of him) much better than he does in man coverage. He got away with trash talking at the collegiate level, but needs to open his hips better and develop better hands if he wants to be an elite playmaker at the next level.

That Guy 03-19-2007 07:13 PM

Re: Josh Wilson
he's small, slow hips, and questions the staff a bit. acceleration doesn't necessarily match timed speed.

still worth a late 2nd/early 3rd.

btw, i don't think we're taking landry, and blalock is going in the late firsst or early 2nd. no way he makes it to the third.

CooleyFan47 03-20-2007 03:10 AM

Re: Josh Wilson
Go Terps

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