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RobH4413 04-21-2007 08:24 PM

What are you drinking?
What better topic is there to discuss?

[U][B]Whats your favorite beer?[/B][/U]

[B]Domestic:[/B] Yuengling, but not Yuengling light. That shits nasty.
[B]Import:[/B] Guinness, mmmmmm... soo good.
[B]Cheap:[/B] The one. The only. Natural light.

I've been checking out this local place called "Dog Fish head". It's got some delicious happy hour specials. I recommend it highly. Also "Brewers Ally" in Frederick has some damn good specials as well.

I've given up on weekend bars because I don't have the kind of money to party out at the bars in mo. county.

Hail2theskins 04-21-2007 09:11 PM

Re: What are you drinking?
domestic: same adams hefeweizen
imported: smithwicks (from the makers of guiness)
cheap: gotta go natty

SmootSmack 04-21-2007 09:40 PM

Re: What are you drinking?
Domestic: Just about any Sam Adams beer
Imported: Stella Artois
Cheap: Back in my senior year of college, my roommate's dad bought him some "make your own beer at home" kit for his birthday. It didn't get much cheaper than that. Let me tell you Natty Light tasted like a drink descended straight from the heavens compared to the swill we chugged down from that kit

djnemo65 04-21-2007 09:55 PM

Re: What are you drinking?
Scotch whiskey and dry martinis.

RobH4413 04-21-2007 10:47 PM

Re: What are you drinking?
I really love Sam Adam's winter lager. That and the summer ale I can sip on. I just can't drink S.A. when I go out, I'd rather have it almost like dessert after a meal.

Also the Yuengling black and tan bottles are probably the best bang for your buck.

Schneed10 04-21-2007 11:11 PM

Re: What are you drinking?
I heart beer.

Domestic: Victory Brewing Company, Hop Devil Ale
Import: Moosehead
Cheap: Beast Light

I love microbrews. Everything from Victory Brewing Company (Downingtown Pennsylvania) is flat out amazing. Dog Fish Head, Flying Fish, and Harpoon are also great.

As for Macros, I love me some Sam Adams. Sam Oktoberfest is another fave of mine come the fall.

Daseal 04-21-2007 11:11 PM

Re: What are you drinking?
Domestic: Sam Adams or Rolling Rock
Imported: Hard to say. Harp / Blue Moon

GhettoDogAllStars 04-22-2007 12:29 AM

Re: What are you drinking?
Domestic: Yuengling
Import: Becks/Bass
Cheap: Beast
Liquor: Maker's Mark

SkinEmAll 04-22-2007 01:15 AM

Re: What are you drinking?
mmmmmmmm beer.
domestic- mic light
import- NewCastle brown ale, its simply awesome.
import-2- amstel light
cheap- miller lite
cheap(back in the day) the noble Goelble. man i remember buying that stuff for like $10 a case. drinking a 6 pak of that stuff was equal to 2 reg. beers. now that i think about it that was probaly the closest thing to non-alcoholic beer before there ever was such a thing.
oh well we had fun with it!

GMScud 04-22-2007 02:05 AM

Re: What are you drinking?
Beer and I are great friends. I'll try any kind and I love microbrews. My standard beers are as follows:

Domestic = Sierra Nevada, pretty much any Sam Adams

Import = Harp, Bass, Whitbred

Cheap = Miller Lite, Pabst Blue Ribbon (love the PBR)

Liquor = Grey Goose, Southern Comfort

I'm drinking a Harp right now and it's friggin good... mmmmm

BigSKINBauer 04-22-2007 06:05 AM

Re: What are you drinking?
Domestic- Yuengling
Import- I'm young and only had a few but guinness is the best i've had
Cheap- Natty. Used to like beast much better but i don't know what happened. Natty grew on me more and more. So it goes 1. natty, 2. beast, 3. Keystone
Liquor- I'll drink anything to f... me up. When i get my liquor, i get a handle of rickaloff just to pregame with. It also tastes better if filtered a few times. Then i also get a handle of UV blue and smirnoff raspberry for the ladies. I swear, stupid bitches drink UV blue down and at $16 a handle I don't mind. The REALLY dumb ones believe you when you say it is expensive too.

dmek25 04-22-2007 07:01 AM

Re: What are you drinking?
finally not the same old thread.
Coors light
Molson ice
old Milwaukee

Bushead 04-22-2007 09:00 AM

Re: What are you drinking?
Since i'm a lowely college student who throws parties, I usually end up packing the fridge with PBR, which actually isn't that bad of a beer. But:

Domestic: Yeungling
Imported: Bass, Hogarden if your up for a white beer, Heineken
Liqour: Jamesons, Crown Royal, and i'll give a shout out to aristocrat because we've all been there down that

And why don't we start a new category?

Favorite 40oz: Colt. 45!

dmek25 04-22-2007 09:21 AM

Re: What are you drinking?
fav 40- old english high test

Beemnseven 04-22-2007 09:43 AM

Re: What are you drinking?
Domestic: 1. Mich Light, 2. Bud Light, 3. Icehouse
Import: I don't drink that foreign sh*t
Cheap: See Domestic

Hard stuff: Gin 'n Tonic, Jumbo Texas Margarita On the Rocks No Salt, and of course...

... Beam and 7.

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