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hooskins 04-24-2007 02:12 AM

Does anyone else use this for music? I mainly use it at the library. I use to use Yahoo! Music but the ads are really annoying.

For anyone who hasnt heard about it, it is a site where you go and type in the name of a band or a song that you like. It will create a station of that kind of music for you. And from there on you can give a thumbs up or thumbs down to each track, and it will use that to decide what to play in the future.

It is great for me when I want to get work done. I find that trance music is great for concentrating and getting stuff done, but of course I dont really have or can download any of that stuff because it is hard find. Pandora solves that. It also has hip-hop, all kinds of rock and other stuff. Beside studying, it also makes me waste alot of time lol. I guess it a double-edged sword.

Anyone else use this?

KLHJ2 04-24-2007 02:18 AM

Re: pandora.com
Never heard of it.

SmootSmack 04-24-2007 02:18 AM

Re: pandora.com
Yup, I've dabbled in it. There's another similar one I think, [url=http://www.last.fm]Last.fm – The Social Music Revolution[/url]

I think we had a thread about this a ways back

SmootSmack 04-24-2007 02:20 AM

Re: pandora.com

hooskins 04-24-2007 03:01 AM

Re: pandora.com

wow I guess I am reposting an old thread. Should have used the search function. Three months for me :(

hooskins 04-24-2007 03:02 AM

Re: pandora.com
[quote=angryssg;301468]Never heard of it.[/quote]

you should try it. It is pretty sweet.

KLHJ2 04-24-2007 03:06 AM

Re: pandora.com
[quote=hooskins;301482]you should try it. It is pretty sweet.[/quote]

usin it right now.

dmek25 04-24-2007 06:31 AM

Re: pandora.com
come on hoo, your better than that

FRPLG 04-24-2007 08:45 AM

Re: pandora.com
[QUOTE=hooskins;301481] Three months for me :([/QUOTE]

It's not too bad. You should feel lucky.

BDBohnzie 08-04-2008 11:56 AM

Re: pandora.com
I just signed up for both Pandora and Last.fm...and still getting a feel for them both.

Both are quality products, although I find myself using Last.fm more since it syncs with WinAMP and Windows Media Player better. I do have OpenPandora, and PandoraFM, which helps me upload Pandora music to Last.FM.

724Skinsfan 08-04-2008 12:29 PM

Re: pandora.com
Pandors's pretty good. I recently started trying out [URL="http://www.musicovery.com/"]musicovery.com[/URL]. It's pretty decent. It let's you fastforward through a lot more songs. Also, it has a "Mood" setting along with the genre setting. Again, it's not the greatest but not too bad, either.

GhettoDogAllStars 08-04-2008 12:31 PM

Re: pandora.com
I use OpenPandora, and I love it. I'm not really attached to the software -- really it's the concept that enamors me. It's a great way to discover new music.

BigSKINBauer 08-04-2008 02:20 PM

Re: pandora.com
I've used it but got sick of it after a while. It was good for a few weeks but the same songs pop up.

GhettoDogAllStars 08-04-2008 02:31 PM

Re: pandora.com
Yeah, I hear what you're saying BSB. I had the same problem, and stopped using it too.

Then, I went back to it and spent about an hour just adding more and more songs and artists to my stations. Now the repeats are dramatically reduced, and if you keep telling it what you like and dislike it should continually expand.

I still listen to my music most of the time. Pandora is nice just for variety, and to discover new music.

EternalEnigma21 08-04-2008 07:19 PM

Re: pandora.com
i just steal music on limewire and put it on my phone. if i ever get busted im going out in a blaze of gunfire. let em know who they messin with.

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