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GTripp0012 04-24-2007 01:27 PM

Other QBs I Like in this Draft
Kevin Kolb, QB, Houston

There's always going to be extra error when trying to project mid majors to the NFL, but Kolb's numbers are downright scary.

Kevin Kolb (50 starts)

[URL="http://www.pro-football-reference.com/collegeplayers/kolb_kevin_houston.htm"]Kevin Kolb college statistics - pro-football-reference.com[/URL]

Good career completion % (60) and an amazing 50 starts worth of experience. He hasn't faced top competition, but the numbers suggest he could be a better QB than Quinn. Either way, he's great value at the bottom of round one. He may not ever be the next Philip Rivers, but thats his nearest comparable.

John Beck, QB, Brigham Young (37 starts)

[URL="http://www.pro-football-reference.com/collegeplayers/beck_john_brighamyoung.htm"]John Beck college statistics - pro-football-reference.com[/URL]

Another mid major guy with a lot of experience and great career success throwing the football at the college level. His completion percentage rose steadily every year he started averaging out at 62% for his career. We have every reason to expect Beck to become the next Drew Brees. Another great value late in round 1.

Guys I don't like

Drew Stanton, QB, Michigan State (29 starts)

[URL="http://www.pro-football-reference.com/collegeplayers/stanton_drew_michiganstate.htm"]Drew Stanton college statistics - pro-football-reference.com[/URL]

I liked Stanton a year ago, even as a top end first rounder, but to say last season was disappointing would be an understatement. Stanton completed 64% for his career in relatively limited action, but only 61% as a senior. He's got career backup written all over him.

Trent Edwards, QB, Stanford (29 starts)

[URL="http://www.pro-football-reference.com/collegeplayers/edwards_trent_stanford.htm"]Trent Edwards college statistics - pro-football-reference.com[/URL]

His inability to stay healthy cost him a lot of college playing time, and Edwards also has some crappy numbers. Edwards is not a good pro prospect, and someone will likely waste a day one pick on him hoping to get a developmental prospect.

This is a pretty good draft for QBs, and the smart money is on both Beck and Kolb being better pros than Russell. Kolb, statistically, is more appealing than Quinn, but with the margin of error in grading mid majors, Quinn is still the better pick. Kolb will be great value regardless though. Think how Philip Rivers was projected to go 25 to GB up until draft week and ended up going 4th overall. Kolb could get taken by someone trading up into the end of the first round. So could Beck. Stanton and Edwards will likely be poor uses of second round picks. After them, its pretty much a crapshoot.

dmek25 04-24-2007 01:57 PM

Re: Other QBs I Like in this Draft
why are people shying away from troy smith? is it strictly his size? i think he will be a fine qback in the NFL, seems like he makes very good decisions

GTripp0012 04-24-2007 02:01 PM

Re: Other QBs I Like in this Draft
[quote=dmek25;301645]why are people shying away from troy smith? is it strictly his size? i think he will be a fine qback in the NFL, seems like he makes very good decisions[/quote]Well, he spent most of the early years of his career battling with Justin Zwick for time. Eventually he did emerge the better option, but didn't really break out til midway though his Junior year (sort of like Russell). That's fine, and its great that he stayed for his senior year, he's a better prospect for it, but teams do have reservations about his lack of size and are worried about his production as being the product of being on a great team.

I'm not sure I buy any of that, but to me, Troy Smith doesn't strike me as a special NFL prospect. I don't think theres any reason to expect him to outplay, say Chris Leak for example, at the next level. Lots of red flags around his consistency that aren't height.

I don't think hes a great bet for success at the next level. Great college QB, but you have to wonder how his sub 30 starts and impressive completion percentage at Ohio State are going to translate.

GTripp0012 04-24-2007 02:34 PM

Re: Other QBs I Like in this Draft
Next year is a prime year for getting a great young QB. Henne and Brohm are both surefire stars in this league assuming nothing bizzare happens to either next year.

Chad Henne hasn't been all that in college so far, but he's been good for 3 seasons and if he keeps the same pace up, he could make Michigan fans forget all about Tom Brady. He's that good.

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