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Warpath 04-24-2007 07:49 PM

Ex NHL Mascot on Dr Phil, SLAPSHOT is Crazy!
Make sure to DVR Dr Phil on thursday and friday. Both shows are about obsessive love featuring the former [URL="http://www.mascotmarketingconcepts.com/contact.htm"]capital mascot Slapshot[/URL]...

Thursday - April 26, 2007
Obsessive Love
“When I think I’ve seen it all, then I get a wake-up call,” Dr. Phil says of his guests who are involved in a very intense relationship. Jeffrey's obsession with his wife, Jennifer, has careened out of control. He says he loves her so much he goes to extremes to watch her every move. He's tracked her with a GPS device, listened to her phone conversations, trapped her in their home and alienated her from her friends and family. But is there something more sinister Jeffrey's done that he's been hiding? Jennifer says she's ready to leave her controlling and jealous husband once and for all. Has she been up to no good, and is Jeffrey justified in his snooping? Jeffrey wants to save his marriage and family, but is Jennifer willing to stand by him? Dr. Phil unravels the jealously, lies and abuse to see if this marriage can be saved, or if it's really Jennifer who needs to be saved from Jeffrey.

Friday - April 27, 2007
Obsessive Love: The Drama Continues
Jeffrey and Jennifer's shocking and complicated story continues. During their 11-year marriage, Jeffrey has become so obsessed with Jennifer, he watches her every move. He has installed a GPS system in her car, taps her phone conversations, takes inappropriate pictures of her and watches her while she sleeps. Dr. Phil probes deep into Jeffrey's mind to find out why he acts the way he does. Is there any boundary Jeffrey won't cross when it comes to controlling his wife? Then, how are Jennifer and Jeffrey's three children being affected by the tension in the house? Their eldest child has been an eyewitness to his father's schemes. And, while Dr. Phil speaks one on one with Jennifer, Jeffrey has a total meltdown backstage, becoming physically ill. When Dr. Phil confronts him about his anxieties and offers a solution, will Jeffrey choose to make a change? Don’t miss the second part of this dramatic and emotional story, and find out if this family is on the path to healing or headed to divorce court.
[url=http://www.drphil.com/shows/]Dr. Phil.com - Shows This Week[/url]

BDBohnzie 04-25-2007 08:53 AM

Re: Ex NHL Mascot on Dr Phil, SLAPSHOT is Crazy!
Elliot in the Morning has been talking about this since last Thursday. It's crazy, and crazy still is me having the DVR already set...

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