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Bbaker24 04-26-2007 08:47 PM

Bbaker24 Mock Draft
!!Draft Trades!!:
Oak trades moss and 6th Round to GB for A. Rodgers and 1st Round pick
Was trades 6th overall and Springs to ATL for 8th overall, 2nd Round and 4th Round
1. Oak- WR Calvin Johnson- Obivous pick with moss traded
2. Det- DE Gaines Adams- to hard to pass up
!!Draft Trade!!:
Cle trades 3rd overall and 4th rounder to Tampa for 4th overall and 2nd Rounder
3. TB- QB Jamarcus Russell- upset over not getting calvin johnson is lost when they land russell
4. Cle- QB Brady Quinn- FO wants Thomas or Peterson but Ownership gets last vote
5. Ari- OT Joe Thomas- Dream come true, but if Thomas is gone look for trade with Pitt for Faneca
6. ATL- S Laron Landry- Toughest Pick in the Draft, do they go with the younger Okoye? not in this draft
!!Draft Trade!!:
WAS trades 8th overall and 5th rounder to MINN for 7th Overall
7. Was- DL Amobi Okoye- Worried about losing both targets WAS makes another trade to make sure they get Amobi Okoye
!!Draft Trade!! BUF trades 12th overall, 3rd Rounder and 5th Rounder to Min for #8 pick
8. Buf- RB Adrian Peterson- Also scared about the chance of missing out on a big need they trade up with oh so happy vikings who have now acquired 4 extra picks
9. Mia- ILB Patrick Willis- jump at the chance to aquire future zack thomas replacement
10. Hou- OT Levi Brown- Really want to protect the QB this year
11. SF- DE Jamal Anderson- Can really help get the D moving this year
12. Min- CB Leon Hall- Happy to acuire Neon Leon to replace Fred Smoot along with 4 other picks
13. STL- DT Alan Branch- Little wary about injury status but he has the potential to be a force for the D
14. CAR- DE Jarvis Moss- A reach for them but they like what he could do in their offense
!! Draft Trade!!: Dallas sends 22 overall and 2 rounder to Pitt for 15th overall and a 4th rounder
15. Dallas- CB Darrell Revis- Hoping to help the secondary in the WR strong NFC East
!!Draft Trade!!
Cleveland trades 35 and 36th picks to Oak for 16
16. Cle- RB Marshall Lynch- Pick helps Jamal Lewis workload while building a very talented offense
17. JAC- DE Adam Carricker- Draft slip helps the jags stregthen a weakness
18. CIN- CB Aaron Ross- Fill two needs by picking up help on defense and the return game
!!Draft Trade!!: Denver trades 21st pick and a 4th rounder to Tenn for the 19th pick
19. Den- WR Ted Ginn Jr.- Denvers excited to pick up the second best reciever
20. NYG- OLB Lawrance Timmons- Expected to take Lavars spot on the D
21. Tenn- WR Dwayne Bowe- they would like to Draft CB but decide to wait since top 3 are off the board and go with Bowe to replace Drew Bennett
22. Pitt- OT Joe Staley- able to help their offensive line with this pick
23. KC- WR Robert Meacham- Saying they wouldnt pick a WR first was just a smokescreen and able to get some help for Tony Gonzales
!!Draft Trade!!
Oakland trades 35 and 36th picks for 24 and 2nd round pick
24. Oak- S Reggie Nelson- gives the raiders someone to team with Micheal Huff
25. NYJ- TE Greg Olsen- able to acquire long term solution at TE
26. PHI- WR Anthony Gonzales- Helps replace Dante Stallworth
27. NO- OLB Paul Posluszny- hardest part about this pick is spelling his last name
28. NE- OLB Jon Beason- Beason will be able to replace Bruschi in the coming years
29. BAL- CB Chris Houston- Future Replacement for Samari Rolle
30. SD- S Micheal Griffin- Strengthing the weak secondary, as charger fans pray that he isnt another sammy davis- type player
31. CHI- DT Justin Harrel- Able to replace Ian Scott and Tank ( I prefer guns though) Johnson
32. IND- Dwayne Jarrett- Fill Brandon Stokley spot with a player that is better in every category other than Experience
!!!!2nd Round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( just the first 10 picks)
1. Oak- G Ben Grubbs
2. Det- QB Trent Edwards
3. NE- OG Justin Blalock
4. NE- S Brandon Merriweather
5. CHI- WR Steve Smith
6. Ari- DE/OLB Anthony Spencer
7. Was- S Eric Weddle
8. MIA- QB Drew Stanton
9. Min- WR Syndey Rice
10 SF- OT Tony Ugoh
This is my first mock draft and i know their are alot of trades but i felt they needed to be made and all trades followed the value chart if you comments on improving this draft please say

wilsowilso 04-26-2007 09:57 PM

Re: Bbaker24 Mock Draft
Before I read this draft I have to say that Oakland trade is ridiculous for Green Bay. It's so out of the realm of reason I don't know how and or why you think Moss could fetch anything like that? Rodgers was a first round pick and now you throw in another first rounder just for good measure? What gives?

wilsowilso 04-26-2007 10:01 PM

Re: Bbaker24 Mock Draft
Ok now that I see you have Washington trading from eight to seven I am done. Edit oh I see we trade back and then up again.

GiantsSuck703 04-26-2007 10:02 PM

Re: Bbaker24 Mock Draft
[quote=wilsowilso;302931]Ok now that I see you have Washington trading from eight to seven when we already own the sixth pick I am done.[/quote]

Thats how i felt

wilsowilso 04-26-2007 10:07 PM

Re: Bbaker24 Mock Draft
Overall it's a good mock after I read it right. That Moss trade really messed me up I guess.

Pocket$ $traight 04-26-2007 10:22 PM

Re: Bbaker24 Mock Draft
[quote=wilsowilso;302931]Ok now that I see you have Washington trading from eight to seven I am done. Edit oh I see we trade back and then up again.[/quote]

I think that there is probably some humor in that but, if it happened, you honestly cannot say that you would be shocked.

themightyjoegibbs 04-26-2007 10:45 PM

Re: Bbaker24 Mock Draft
Think you have spent too much effort and time into this, unless of course this is part of your job to obsess this much.Geez....

djnemo65 04-26-2007 11:55 PM

Re: Bbaker24 Mock Draft
Tough crowd. I was going to post my mock but I think I'll just email it to my dad instead, since he loves me unconditionally.

SC Skins Fan 04-27-2007 12:02 AM

Re: Bbaker24 Mock Draft
[quote=djnemo65;302966]Tough crowd. I was going to post my mock but I think I'll just email it to my dad instead, since he loves me unconditionally.[/quote]

No kidding. Overall not a bad mock (obviously belongs in draft forum, guess at this point we should just give up on that though). Too many trades, though, don't think there will be that many. As others have mentioned the Oakland trade does not make sense for GB. Also, I do not understand why TB would give up such a huge ransom (36 overall pick) to move up one spot after Johnson is already gone. They have Simms and Garcia, I'd say at that given your scenario they would just wait and probably pick either Joe Thomas, maybe Peterson, or if they wanted a QB to just take Quinn, who would seem to fit better in Gruden's system of underneath passes better than Russell anyway. "A" for effort though.


The Redskins would only get a 3rd round pick for trading back to #8 with Atlanta, not one of Atlanta's #2's. Who is Weddle?

GMScud 04-27-2007 03:18 AM

Re: Bbaker24 Mock Draft
Is it Saturday yet?

KLHJ2 04-27-2007 03:35 AM

Re: Bbaker24 Mock Draft
[quote=GMScud;303116]Is it Saturday yet?[/quote]
It will be in 20 1/2 hours in Japan.

dmek25 04-27-2007 07:02 AM

Re: Bbaker24 Mock Draft
that mock would be great news for the skins

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