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MTK 07-20-2004 08:41 AM

2K5 out today
If anyone picks it up be sure to give us a review!

illdefined 07-20-2004 01:24 PM

shipped today. in stores tomorrow.. :tongue

MTK 07-20-2004 01:32 PM

my bad, I've heard of a few people having it already, they must have advanced copies somehow

Gmanc711 07-20-2004 01:32 PM

Yeah, I was pretty dissapointed when I went to gamestop to buy it.

Redskins_P 07-20-2004 01:36 PM

I know this thread is about NFL 2K5, but yesterday I played NCAA 2005 on PS2 and it was AWESOME! You guys have to check it out.

It has this new feature where the home defense can pump up the crowd and then the screeen shakes as well as the joystick. It makes it tough to call audibles and hot routes. Hopefully Madden will have something similar to that.

MTK 07-20-2004 01:53 PM

I might have to rent NCAA '05 to get me by until Madden comes out. I've always heard it's great. I'm not a big fan of college football but it's probably worth checking out.

Redskins_P 07-20-2004 01:58 PM

[QUOTE=Mattyk72]I might have to rent NCAA '05 to get me by until Madden comes out. I've always heard it's great. I'm not a big fan of college football but it's probably worth checking out.[/QUOTE]

Trust me Matty it is. It's a little different from madden. It's a little faster and the QB's aren't quite as accurate, but it will keep you entertained for now.

Redskins8588 07-20-2004 07:04 PM

Yeah I tried to buy 2k5 today also but not at the stores yet, I am devoted to the nfl 2k series, I loved 2k4.

MTK 07-20-2004 07:17 PM

Went to rent NCAA '05 tonight but they were all out, so I picked up '04 for now. I've always wanted to play it but Madden takes up the majority of my gaming time.

Redskins8588 07-20-2004 07:45 PM

the best thing about NCAA football is how you can create your team. You have total control over how the uniforms will look the stadium that your team plays in, your fight song, etc...

I wish that there was a NFL game to let you do all that.

SKINSnCANES 07-20-2004 10:30 PM

I tried to buy 2k5 today as well. Best buy said it probably will be two days until they get it. THeir computers say the 30th but expect it sooner. Im thinking about buying it from a place that lets you return games incase I dotn like it. Basically id rent it for free until madden came out.

MTK 07-21-2004 12:04 AM

I'm really liking NCAA '04 so far. I like the fact the receivers don't catch everything and a big hit usually knocks the ball out unlike Madden where it seems everyone has hands of glue. I also like how the QB's aren't as accurate. I really like the pace of the game too, and it seems there's more penalties, injuries and big turnovers.

The SI covers are really cool too, I'm really having a lot of fun with this game, more than I expected! It really has that college feel!

Madden who?! LOL

Gmanc711 07-21-2004 03:13 PM

Well I just played my first two games of ESPN NFL 2k5. First I played against the Jets and lost 16-13 and then played the Tampa Bay Bucs in week one of my francise and won 10-7. I was of course the Skins' both times.

Now the game itself is good, but not great. The plays themselves somtimes look a little choppy, and then as soon as the play ends, the graphics go to like these amazing images. Overall the graphics themselves I was not too impressed with. Although I felt the same way about madden last year when I first got it, and it grew on me. Somtimes it just takes some getting used too.

The same thing should be said for the gameplay. I just used all the buttons and I would Madden. Somtimes they worked, somtimes they didnt. The game is very lifelike. Meaning that you have to make your reactions fast, and persicse. This game is not very easy to score in, which I absolutley love.

The special "features" are my favorite part of the game. They have the halftime show, with images of your first half. A postgame show, which carries an interview with the player of the game. In addition, at the conclusion of each week, you get ESPN Sportscenter. It gives a rundown of all the games that occured over the week, and highlights of a select couple.

Overall the game was pretty decent. I'm not jumping up and down and going head over heels for it, but it is a soild game. However, its a steal for $19.99. So if you need somthing to hold you over till Madden, this game is well worth it.

Final Rating 7.5/10

SKINSnCANES 07-21-2004 03:16 PM

let me first say I am probably one of the biggest madden fans out there. Second, let me say that I just bought 2k5 and its awesome. The game play is infinitly more realistic then madden, in terms of how players acutally move. Granted, im not that good at it yet because ive only played one half of football, but it seems to be more accurate of how people actually move.

BUT!! whats the deal with them giving the redskins players shitty rankings. Portis is a 90 I beleive. Brunell was an 80 or 84, ramsey a 75. Coles was like a 94 though. I dont really remember the rest of them, i only looked quickly. Taylor was an 80. I expected a lot of our players to have better rankings.

illdefined 07-21-2004 03:51 PM


i'll get Madden but this game is amazing, i cant believe this is only $20. so much work has gone into it. all the extras, crowd and sideline scenes, the amazing dolby audio, all the broadcast stuff, they went waay out of their way for this stuff (wait till you see the ingame info graphics). its just super polished.

how's the meat of the game? amazing. guys, the animations are sooooo sick. they meld into each other perfectly, basically making custom athletic moves on the fly, always looks awesome never once glitchy or unnatural. and i mean all the player animations, including before AND after the play, so much lifelike variations, they make the players REAL. how real? Kurt Warner called a timeout FROM THE GROUND after i SACKED HIM.

on the field, playing running back is a dream, there's still a limited range of that pivoting around a stick but extreme movements on the stick produce really smooth cutting and backtracking animations (no buttons needed). if your back touches a lineman he'll push off him, or slip past him all seamlessly into whatever animation comes next. and the gang tackles, god knows how they did that, if a guy comes in late or is underneath, the physics somehow produces these incredibly real animations, with the appropriate force and every tackler accounted for. also the DBs have realistic swatting and turning animations from EVERY angle. SERIOUS attention to detail here.

if you're used to madden, play the game on SLOW, cuz 2K plays alot faster and unless you adjust its real easy to miss everything thats going on. i think thats what madden players have the biggest problem with, the pace.

everything looks too color saturated, and the faces dont look great. its the motion tho, they have like 3 super realistic animations for ANY situation. cant stress enough how less of a 'videogame' this makes it all feel. turn the saturation on your TV down a bit.

the important stuff: anyone find a way to play Away uniforms at Home ???? (workaround is to wear the '82 aways with the gray facemasks) how bout making other teams wear Dark??? YES THE ALL WHITES ARE IN THERE, but the other team cant wear darks! super dumb oversight. finally, the peg the burgundy on the helmets perfectly but not on the uniforms! they're like too pink! ugh, they've never gotten it right.

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