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MTK 04-28-2007 11:10 AM

Draft weekend guidelines
Hey guys and gals, please take a moment to read over these draft weekend guidelines.

[B]New posts[/B]: Try to keep all draft discussion in the [URL="http://www.thewarpath.net/redskins-nfl-draft-central/18037-the-official-2007-draft-discussion-thread.html"]draft discussion thread[/URL]. We don't need a new thread for every pick, or a new thread every time a possible trade scenario is mentioned. This is only going to clutter up the board and give the mods more work to do, remember we are trying to enjoy the draft too. Again, PLEASE try to keep all draft discussion to the draft discussion thread.

[B]Cite your sources[/B]: This is something we've preached since the beginning of free agency. Please try to cite your sources whenever possible. If it's something you heard on ESPN or the NFL Network and there's obviously not a link to provide, just be clear that it's something you heard on TV/radio.

[B]Post content[/B]: Try to make your replies to discussions something worthwhile. Two or three word posts aren't really worth the time to read or the server resources a reply requires. When you have something to say, just make sure it's something with some quality behind it. Not only will this help keep the draft thread from becoming cumbersome to read through, but it will help reduce the load on our server. Quality over quantity at all times please.

Please try to observe these 3 simple guidelines this weekend. They will go a long way in making the boards an organized and entertaining place to be this weekend.


The Warpath Staff

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