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Sheriff Gonna Getcha 07-20-2004 02:10 PM

Watching 'Skins Games While Away from D.C.
This is a serious problem. I'm moving to Madison, WI for law school in a few weeks and I can't figure out how to watch 'Skins games other than finding a bar that plays them, or ordering DirectTV.

I've heard that DirectTV has so many problems and would like to avoid that route. Is there anything via cable or online that would allow me to see such games?

skins009 07-20-2004 02:18 PM

Most cable companies usually have something called NFL sunday Tickets, or something like that. That should get you acess to all the games.

MTK 07-20-2004 02:21 PM

It's either directv or a sports bar, NFL sunday ticket isn't available on cable.... yet.

That Guy 07-20-2004 02:22 PM

there might be a digital cable package, but I haven't heard of one... if you get field pass from nfl.com you can watch all sorts of highlights, but the nfl doesn't stream games over the net and I haven't heard of any local stations deciding to do that (as the nfl probably wouldn't like it)...

so, unless i'm way off, the two real concrete options are sports bars and diretcTV, whether you like them or not.

Dave Butz Baby! 07-20-2004 02:41 PM

Matty and That Guy are right. NFL has an exclusive contract with DirectTV for the Sunday Ticket, which I don't think ends until 2006, so you won't find that service on any cable system.

So unfortunately RamseyFan, looks like these are your options...

Get the DTV dish (and kept the snow swept off of it).
Go find a 'Skins bar (and pray your liver doesn't turn black).

Or hope they play the Packers every week!


Good luck to ya in law school!

cpayne5 07-20-2004 03:32 PM

If I were in your position, I'd get the dish. I think that if it is properly installed, and you have a good, unobstructed shot to the satellite, it will work well for you. I know people that swear by the Sunday Ticket package - they absolutely love it.

saden1 07-20-2004 03:38 PM

I found myself a very nice Redskins sports bar in Washington State through this [URL=http://www.haruth.com/WRRemoteAreas.html]site[/URL]. It will be an [URL=http://maps.yahoo.com/dd_result?ed=xTowJeV.wimQQVd6MsEKU7USFw--&csz=Madison%2C+WI&country=us&tcsz=Milwaukee%2C+WI&tcountry=us]80 mile[/URL] trip if you can't find any place closer :lol:

p.s. Some of the guys at the bar go to and I are planing to go to the San. Fran. game in December.

RedskinRat 07-20-2004 03:54 PM

Get DirecTV, worth every penny.

Carnage 07-20-2004 03:58 PM

Yeah, you can't get out of a sports bar without paying at least 20 bucks during the course of a game. I actually think it is cheaper to get the package.

Sheriff Gonna Getcha 07-20-2004 04:02 PM

Thanks everyone.

RedskinRat, unfortunately I can't listen to your advice since you live in L.A. where it isn't exactly every day that you have snow messing with your dish.

I think the apartment complex that I am going to live in has a big dish on top of one of the buildings and so my dish reception might be better.

MTK 07-20-2004 04:21 PM

If I could get a dish I definitely would, just can't do it where I live, no view to the south from my deck and I can't put in on the roof at my complex.

Dave Butz Baby! 07-20-2004 04:42 PM

[QUOTE=Carnage]Yeah, you can't get out of a sports bar without paying at least 20 bucks during the course of a game. I actually think it is cheaper to get the package.[/QUOTE]

$20?!?!?! Man... I'm going to the wrong joints. For a three and a half hour football game, I'm killing an easy $75.

At that point, it is much easier to get the package!

redskinsskickazz 07-20-2004 04:54 PM

i live in new england and we have had a lot of snow the last couple of years and never once have i ever had to clear snow off of my dish it it slides right off without any signal loss what can happen is during a very heavy downpour you can lose your signal but it usually only lasts about five minutes or so. ive never lost my signal during a skins game and the picture is so much better than cable every channel is digital its cheaper and you get more channels i used to lose my cable more than i lose my direct tv i originally bought direct tv just for nfl sunday ticket but now i would never go back for any reason lastly the instillation is simple you call direct tv and they send someone out and its usually free depending on wether your a new customer or the package you get. they aim the dish run the wires do everything you just kick back and watch trust me you wont regret it.

RedskinRat 07-20-2004 07:23 PM

Ramseyfan, we've had rain here. A few months back I almost had to use my windshield wipers twice in one month.

Snow......That's the white, fluffy stuff, right?

SKINSnCANES 07-20-2004 10:59 PM

what problems were you referring to with direct tv. I think that NFL sunday ticket was a gift from teh Gods the last two seasons i had it. Sundays were all I could wait for. Every commerical id be watching a different game. THe skins game would finish then id switch to a game with 2 minutes left,game tied. Itd go to over time then another game would be doing the same things. It was awesome.

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