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Sheriff Gonna Getcha 05-11-2007 03:22 PM

So, I know all of my friends are on facebook, but I just joined. I don't realize, yet, why it's supposedly so cool. Anyone care to enlighten me?

BigSKINBauer 05-11-2007 03:49 PM

Re: Facebook
good way to keep in touch with friends. I there aare people that use it too much and are addicted but its a good tool. Like for example, when its someone's birthday, people are able to know.

Mattyk 05-11-2007 04:21 PM

Re: Facebook
Is this another myspace type of deal?

If I put in my work email, will I only be able to find work friends?

hooskins 05-11-2007 06:32 PM

Re: Facebook
Yes Matty, you can.

Another good thing is that you can use it to organize parties. Like legit ones, beside the just word of mouth. You can create events and send it to your friends, its funny because just this yr in uva its getting really common, so you pretty much know where the parties are gonna be at if you know the right people.

I think it is really helpful.

GMScud 05-11-2007 06:42 PM

Re: Facebook
I prefer myspace over facebook, just b/c most of my friends are on myspace, but facebook is cool for pictures for sure. He Sheriff, I just added you as a friend on facebook...

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