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MTK 07-30-2007 11:44 AM

Redskins Insider: Landry Update And Other Stuff
[url=http://blog.washingtonpost.com/redskinsinsider/]Redskins Insider[/url]

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Okay, Landry's 5 year deal includes $17.5 million guaranteed and could be worth as much as $41.5 million over the duration of the deal, according to my peeps in the know. He is flying to DC now and will meet his agent, Joel Segal, here this afternoon.

The contract is pretty complicated, so the player and agent will likely want to take some time to peruse it thoroughly in print before signing (call it the LaVar Lesson). Then, he would have to undergo a physical - which is done off site and not usually at Redskins Park - so it looks like he will probably miss the 4:30 practice.

I heard that Landry put the push on Segal last night to get it done, because he didn't want to sit out any more than the weekend. At least that's the word out here. So all in all the things took a little longer than I thought they would to get done, but for a team with only one first day pick, and a team selecting the best defensive player on a lot of NFL boards, it wasn't terribly drawn out at all.

Also, get used to hearing Segal's name. He's been getting a lot of stars - had Reggie Bush last year - and will no doubt use this contract, with nearly $18 million guaranteed for a player not taken in the top 5, to lure more clients. He is the agent for Jason Campbell as well, and I have chatted with two very reputable NFL personnel guys recently who both believe JC is gonna be a real good one and who both asked me the same question:

When are the Skins going to extend his contract?

Sure, JC is only entering the third year of a five year deal, but teams want to have franchise QBs locked down, and the Redskins traditionally have not been among the most proactive at getting these things done early and quickly (these two personnel guys have both expressed some dismay that Cooley's new deal hasn't been completed yet either).

If JC becomes the QB the Redskins think he can be, or turns out to be as good as these two executives believe he can be, the Skins wouldn't want him to get anywhere near free agency. These guys think the Redskins would be very wise to get to JC early, and Segal is a noted dealmaker, so I know he'd be willing to listen. Just something to put in the back pocket for now.

Randoms: Mike Sellers was hobbled by a right knee injury this morning and had a huge ice bag taped to his leg. The team hopes it's nothing major, but there was definitely some concern among some coaches coming off the field. He will be evaluated today ... Will Whitticker was back working with the first team after Jason Fabini got a brief look with the first team last night ... Former Skin Mike Barrow - okay, so he never got on the field in 2004 but he was on the roster - has been hanging around the coaches the last few days picking up pointers. Barrow is the new linebackers coach at Miami (he went to The U) ...

Gregg Williams, who has shed about 25 pounds and is in midseason screaming form, has begin chastizing his two rookie draft pick LBs - HB Blades and Dallas Sartz. Neither was able to practice fully again this morning and they need to do a better job of hydrating themselves, Williams said. Sartz has a hamstring strain and Blades has been cramping for a couple of days now. Williams pointed out to the entire defense after practice how others are passing the two kids by without ever mentioning their names ...

Flight of the Conchords is the best show on TV right now. Last night was genius. I anyone knows where I can find "Leggy Blonde" on the internets, shoot me the link. On the other hand, someone need to save Vincent Chase from himself right now. That show wore out its usefulness a coupla a seasons back. My plot suggestion: A crossover episode with The Sopranos where Ralphie comes back from the dead to whack E. E makes me sick.


wilsowilso 07-30-2007 12:18 PM

Re: Redskins Insider: Landry Update And Other Stuff
[quote=firstdown;334282]Not sure if I get what the two guys are thinking who do not understand why we have not signed JC to a longer deal. He has won 2 pro football games and last time I check those numbers do not say "sign this boy to up for a long term deal". Now after this year if he shows the signs and gets the win's we all hope he gets then it might be a good time to lock him into a long term deal.[/quote]

Just what I was thinking.

irish 07-30-2007 01:21 PM

Re: Redskins Insider: Landry Update And Other Stuff
Extend his contract? JC has barely even played. Nobody knows how successful he will be. If he has even a decent season this year the Skins will extend him and pay him.

Schneed10 07-30-2007 01:34 PM

Re: Redskins Insider: Landry Update And Other Stuff
On one hand I can see the logic of trying to extend him nice and early; JLC says that these two execs think Campbell is going to be a very good one. If you're operating under the assumption that Campbell's going to be a very good QB, the kind of QB you'd be comfortable having as your long-term starter, then it makes sense to lock him up early. Having not yet proven himself, we could get him at a bargain compared to what he'd cost once he proves himself to be a worthy franchise QB.

Of course you're assuming he's going to be good. It's a tough call either way. Do you let him prove himself, then pay out the nose to keep him? This way you pay a lot, but you can be comfortable that you've got your answer at QB. Or do you save some money and pay him now, taking the chance that he won't pan out? Tough decision.

dmek25 07-30-2007 02:16 PM

Re: Redskins Insider: Landry Update And Other Stuff
i say wait and see. if he doesnt pan out, the skins would look like tremendous fools. the cap will rise every year, and for some reason, good qbacks usually stay put

SmootSmack 07-30-2007 04:44 PM

Re: Redskins Insider: Landry Update And Other Stuff
Slightly off-topic for a second, don't forget that you can see Jason Campbell participate in the 2007 NFL Quarterback Challenge from the Cayman Islands this Friday August 3rd from 7-9pm on ESPN.

Back on topic. I think you focus on Taylor and Cooley first, and then work on an extension for Campbell.

djnemo65 07-30-2007 07:13 PM

Re: Redskins Insider: Landry Update And Other Stuff
He is spot on about Entourage. What happened to that show? It SUCKS now!

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