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Mattyk 08-06-2007 10:22 PM

(Merged) Redskins Insider: Injury Update (Bubba Speaks)
[URL="http://blog.washingtonpost.com/redskinsinsider/"]Redskins Insider[/URL]

[FONT=Times New Roman,times,serif]Whitticker has what appears to be a high ankle sprain, and is in crutches with a boot on his right ankle as we speak. It looks like a long-term injury and he will get an MRI on Tuesday.

Will says he can feel the pain all the way up his leg and in his knee. "My whole leg hurts," he said. Whitticker said he doesn't know exactly how it happened. "I don't even know, I just felt my knee buckle," he said.

As for other injuries, Bubba said Ladell Betts will get an X-Ray on his jammed neck but it does not appear severe. Mike Sellers aggravated a bone bruise on his knee, but that too looks minor and he actually finished practice, while Ladell mostly watched after getting run over by Marcus Washington in a blitz pick-up drill. "It wasn't something that he did on purpose," Betts said. "it's just a part of football."

Looks like Tyler Ecker is no closer to coming back from his groin injury - I think this kid could end up cut before he even really gets on the field if it lingers on another week or so - and Bubba praised Mike Espy's toughness and said he is almost back to taking full work, and he certainly did a fair amount today.

Okay, heading home now.


Mattyk 08-06-2007 10:24 PM

Redskins Insider: Heyer Update/ Waiting For Bubba/Stuff
[URL="http://blog.washingtonpost.com/redskinsinsider/"]Redskins Insider[/URL]

[FONT=Times New Roman,times,serif]First some news - Coach Joe says it looks like Stephon Heyer will be the starting left tackle Saturday at the Titans after his strong work in the scrimmage.

Clinton Portis was not in pads and that's a day-to-day process getting him back from the knee tendinitis. The wide receiver is still out with shin splints. Guard Jason Fabini is still out with a groin - Coach Joe said he thinks both are getting close to a return.

Guard Randy Thomas said he believes he has to get some snaps Saturday and wants to be out there for at least a few plays with the first team. Chris Samuels told me he started his cardio work today, his knee is coming along well and he thinks he'll be back in less than four weeks from the time of the injury.

Poor Tyler Ecker might be watching his NFL career flash before his eyes. Still not even in pads with a groin injury. Jerametrius Butler is still out. WR Mike Espy was back at practice

They were playing some fooseball out there today, folks. Lots of hitting, lots of one-on-one drills, lots of blocking drills. Marcus Washington did a number on Ladell Betts in a blitz pick-up drill - all legal, just some contact - and Ladell was getting looked at in his shoulder and neck. Coach Joe says nothing looks to be a big deal, but we are waiting on Bubba Tyer, director of sports medicine, for a full report.

Likewise, Big Mike Sellers had to get some attention on his right knee in the same drill, but returned to practice (Sellers went up against novive LB Matt Sinclair at one point,ate the kid alive, flung him like a ragdoll - Sellers may still have some of the kid's soul still stuck between his teeth - and ended up with Sinclair's helmet in his hands, then tossed it aside like he was flicking sunflower seeds. If I was a Skins fan, that dude would be my favorite player hands down).

Guard Will Whitticker got hurt later in practice, and we're waiting for that update.

That's all I got for now. Hoping to get home in time to put Chloe to bed. We shall see.


RMSkins 08-06-2007 10:56 PM

Re: Redskins Insider: Injury Update (Bubba Speaks)
Man I feel bad for Tyler Ecker, the Will Whitticker injury doesn't sound good at all, there goes some much needed depth on the O-line.

SmootSmack 08-06-2007 11:31 PM

Re: Redskins Insider: Injury Update (Bubba Speaks)
That sucks about my main Will Whit. We might have to scour the waiver wires for some offensive line help.

I know! Sign Corey Simon and put him on the O-Line!

sandman89 08-07-2007 12:54 AM

Re: Redskins Insider: Injury Update (Bubba Speaks)
[QUOTE=SmootSmack;336909]That sucks about my main Will Whit. We might have to scour the waiver wires for some offensive line help.

I know! Sign Corey Simon and put him on the O-Line![/QUOTE]

I wouldn't mind,Hope hes not expensive.

dmek25 08-07-2007 06:53 AM

Re: (Merged) Redskins Insider: Injury Update (Bubba Speaks)
as big as Simon is, he could be the whole offensive line:) and this is good stuff matty. thank god nothing major to report

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