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gibbsisgod 08-13-2007 06:35 AM

Thoughts on Preseason Week 1.
Here are my opinions on a couple of games I watched this weekend.

1. Giants and Panthers.

The Giants defense looked bad against the run. I thought they were dominated on the right side of the line (Strahan anyone?). The Panthers didn't do a very good job stopping the run either. Brandon Jacobs is gonna be a solid RB for them if he can stay healthy. He is suprisingly fast for his size.

2. Cowboys and Colts.

Tony Romo looked real good. The offense held the opening kickoff for like 10 minutes. Had to settle for a FG but they ran and passed well. Their defense looked ok. I didn't watch alot of this one. Eff the Cowboys.

3. Redskins and Titans.

Campbell was sloppy with the ball. Made some really good throws but missed on some easy ones. Moss is gonna have a great season. He looks fasters than ever. Wade is NOT the answer at LG. I'm not sure he is even good enough to play tackle for us. The run defense was stout. The announcers kept harping on the fact that the Redskins offense was struggling but at the time the Redskins had more yards than the Titans. The stat that really sticks out to me was the Titans were 5 for 18 on 3rd down. That was a big issue last year with the D and they did a nice job. Frost was solid. He outkicked his coverage on the long punt return but was very solid (47.2 avg.)

Its just the first week of preseason so......don't read to much into anything.

If you saw some other games, Give us an update.

dmek25 08-13-2007 07:27 AM

Re: Thoughts on Preseason Week 1.
gigitty turning into the roving reporter. keep up the good work. and good morning

gibbsisgod 08-13-2007 07:37 AM

Re: Thoughts on Preseason Week 1.
GM to you as well. I worked 77 hours last week so I hardly left the couch yesterday.

dmek25 08-13-2007 08:05 AM

Re: Thoughts on Preseason Week 1.
i can relate. I've been working 60+ for about the last 8 months

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