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billyharless 10-26-2007 06:05 AM

Brees or Farve?
I started the season with Brees, then benched him but now I am wondering if he is going to have a better day than Farve this Sunday?

Farve is playing Denver
Brees is playing SF

GTripp0012 10-26-2007 09:01 AM

Re: Brees or Farve?
Start Favre.

BDBohnzie 10-26-2007 10:00 AM

Re: Brees or Farve?
Last 3 starts:

Brees: 76-117 (64.9%), 717 yds, 4 TDs, 3 INTs, NO is 2-1
Favre: 80-122 (65.6%), 854 yds, 3 TDs, 4 INTs, GB is 2-1

San Fran: 17th ranked Total Defense, 23rd against Run, 11th against Pass
Denver: 20th ranked Total Defense, 32nd against Run, 2nd against Pass

That's a tough one. Number-wise both QBs are about the same in the last 3 starts. However, Denver is #2 against the pass...and since Green Bay virtually has no one to run the ball, could be a long day for Favre.

I'd probably start Brees. The matchup is better, and New Orleans has won 2 in a row.

MTK 10-26-2007 10:19 AM

Re: Brees or Farve?
Favre has cooled off a bit lately while Brees seems to be heating up. I have Favre in one of my leagues too, I'm starting him but I don't like the matchup against Denver's secondary.

BrunellMVP? 10-26-2007 10:22 AM

Re: Brees or Farve?
start brees...farve is returning back to his old ways...and he still have very few options...
champ will be lurking all day

Monkeydad 10-26-2007 10:29 AM

Re: Brees or Farve?
Brett Favre

Monkeydad 10-26-2007 10:31 AM

Re: Brees or Farve?
Favre = 6
Farve = 3


hail_2_da_skins 10-26-2007 10:36 AM

Re: Brees or Farve?
Drew Brees. Brees has a better matchup. Denver is going to slow down Brett Farve especially without a running game.

scowan 10-26-2007 10:48 AM

Re: Brees or Farve?
Start Favre. He plays great on Monday nights! doesn't matter what the stats are or who the opposing team is.

billyharless 10-27-2007 12:53 AM

Re: Brees or Farve?
I was thinking Brees has a better match up and is getting hot again while Farve may be cooling off.

Dantheskinsfan 10-27-2007 02:15 AM

Re: Brees or Farve?
I'm starting Derek Anderson over Farve.
Oh yeah-Brees

billyharless 10-28-2007 08:42 PM

Re: Brees or Farve?
Brees was the man today. I ended up starting him.

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