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SmootSmack 11-14-2007 04:47 PM

12thMan's Five Steps to Starting a Solid Thread
Here's a handy guide for everyone

[B]One:[/B] Generally speaking, if you're pissed off about something, your thread is doomed from jump street. Because you're already in an argumentative mode and the point never really becomes the point. It usually becomes a contest to see who can become the rudest camouflaged as an intelligent argument. Personally, I usually go with fives because it's just easier for me to lay my thoughts out. I also find that other posters can nit-pick my thread easier without attacking me personally. For instance, they may like point 2 but disagree with point 4. That way they don't just trash the whole damn thread. It would take a real asshole to disagree with five out of five things, don't you think? But even if they disagreed with everything, I still wouldn't give a damn. On to number two.

[B]Two: [/B]If I think it's going to be a long thread, I usually write it on a Word document or an email format first, then I'll post it later. That just works for me, you have to find what works for you. I can go back and forth, pick my nose, and think about it before I post it. Sometimes when I write it directly on Warpath and try to save it before the server decides to timeout, I don't feel pressured to finish it before it's really clear. And believe it or not, I steal a little of everyone's style, a little of their humor and make it my own. So the next time, you see me misspell a word, remember I'm imitating DBOYZ at that point.

[B]Three:[/B] I pretend like I'm actually talking to one of you in person or even anticipate a rebuttal beforehand. So, say you know Earthquake, Paulskinsfan, or GhettoAllStars are going to rip your ass because of something bogus you posted. Chances are you'll probably think twice and at least try to make it tough for them to "not see" where you're coming from. Sounds crazy, but it kind of helps. Again, getting everyone to agree with you shouldn't be the goal of any thread or post, but rather seeing where everyone is on an issue. Or do others share that same sentiment. That's why starting a Gibbs thread, or a Ramsey thread, or a Portis v. Champ thread is so silly. It's well documented how people feel and stand on these issues - good and bad. Now after Clinton becomes rushing champ this year, all bets are off. I'm starting a thread!

[B]Four:[/B] Think about the guys who visit the site, but we never hear from. Seriously. They either think we're too full of ourselves or we're too negative at times or just too damn rude. None of which is entirely true. I know the first time I started a thread, I was nervous as heck. I think...no, I know, collectively there isn't a fan site anywhere that can hold a candle to Warpath in terms of knowledge, passion, and overall organization. That being said, it can be a little intimidating for someone who's visiting and then feel they have nothing to add because we're so "knowledgeable". Guys, we want to create a warm, friendly environment that embraces all races, ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, and genders. So for all you lurkers out there, come out of the cyber closet and post with us. You damn sissy!

[B]Five:[/B] Effin relax and have some fun! Some of you cats act like you need a piece. Just come here and have some damn fun. Don't take yourself too seriously, don't take the members here too seriously, and quite frankly, don't even take the Mods too seriously. It's not like they're Cowboy fans. Don't forget at the end of the day, they're Redskins fans just like the rest us. Half the guys we get pissed at, are dudes we'd sit beside at a pub, have over for dinner, or maybe hold hands with - if you're Malcolm that is. I know for sure I wouldn't trust RedskinRich alone with my old lady. No way, buddy! But chances are, if you met most of these guys/gals you'd think they were very cool. Even though SBF can be a little weird at times, I think he's a good guy at heart. I mean, how many damn ways can you barbeque a rib!

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