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MTK 08-05-2004 10:11 PM

Madden online leagues
cool stuff


SKINSnCANES 08-05-2004 10:34 PM

its weird how they are making you use a credit card this year. I didnt do it last year so I dont konw how annoying it was when people would just keep creating names, but I guess its something they took seriously.

We shoudl set something up to play against other warpathers in the future. Can you play cross platform yet? ps2 vs xbox?

MTK 08-05-2004 10:49 PM

Put it this way, I bought a PS2 last year so I could go online, what a disappointment. I consider msyelf to be a pretty good Madden baller, but I started out in the rookie rooms just to be safe. I was getting my butt spanked all over the place. Turns out guys just keep creating new usernames so they can go in the rookie rooms to just beat up on people. These guys must play the game 24/7 to be that good, needless to say it wasn't much fun and I gave up after just a handful of games.

If you can create and manage your own league, I'd love to get one going for us. We'll have to see how it works.

SKINSnCANES 08-05-2004 10:58 PM

hey matty. A few questions. This isnt the right place for most of them but its easier to ask it all at once:

First, I was just looking at the EA sports fantasy league, and was wondering if we all can get the game discount voucher?

Second, do you know why the server seems to be busy all the time recently. Ive had a hard time the last few days using teh site. Sometimes I type a big post just to have it erased because the server is busy?

Third, is there a live draft for the EA Sports league, when is it if there is one? And do you know when the draft is for the free leagues? I beleive in in league to. Ill go check on the yahoo site now, but I feel like I remember it being tomorrow for some reason.

redrock-skins 08-10-2004 01:19 PM

[QUOTE=SKINSnCANES]its weird how they are making you use a credit card this year. I didnt do it last year so I dont konw how annoying it was when people would just keep creating names, but I guess its something they took seriously.

Credit card required? Now I may have to give Madden a look (It's on sale at Fry's for $37.99 for those that have one in their city). I guess it doesn't completely weed out kids, but it sure helps. This will be my first year of online football and after playing my fare share of idiots in baseball and hockey, I see already there are exponentially more cheesers on football. I don't consider myself a really good player (yet) and as someone with time for maybe 1 or 2 games a day if I am lucky, I don't want to waste it on someone who either kills me when they said they were a beginner or just plays like an idiot and starts dropping f-bombs when they are losing and blame the cpu when they throw 50-yard bombs into triple coverage and get picked off. :rant:

skinsfan51 08-11-2004 09:33 AM

Great Online Madden League (PC)--FREE
Hey guys, this is my first post to "The Warpath" as I didn't even know it existed before today. I did a search for a Madden related issue and found the site. I'm glad I did. I've been a 'Skins fan since the early 1970s.

If any of you own the PC version of Madden, I want to recommend a great league: [url="http://www.mflballers.com/"]www.mflballers.com[/url]. Once you play in an organized, no-cheese league you'll never go back to playing on EASO. I've been in this league for seven full seasons now (all w/Madden 2004) and it's outstanding. Stats, standings, playoffs, Superbowl, etc., etc. I think a couple of teams are available for Madden 2005. Hit me up on Yahoo IM (skinsfan51) if you are interested and I'll find out which teams are open. No, the 'Skins are NOT open. They are owned by yours truly! :thumb: You'll be glad to know that I've done the 'Skins proud. I won my first Superbowl last season and I'm 15-1 this year in my defense. Hopefully I can bring the trophy back to D.C. once again. Note: You MUST have the PC version of Madden to play in this league. I believe 2005 for the PC comes out in early Sept (I can't WAIT until I see Gibbs on the sideline and not Spurrier :vomit-smi ). Thanks.


That Guy 08-11-2004 05:43 PM

cool, welcome aboard, its a nice place :)

I'd join up, but i SUCK horribly at madden, more of an FPS/RPG type gamer.

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