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skinsguy 01-19-2008 01:48 PM

HDTV Calibration DVDs
I know, I know. Yet another HDTV thread by Skinsguy, but I wanted to see if any of you guys have ever tried those HDTV calibration DVDs. If so, do they really work. My tv's out of box calibration is definitely not exactly correct, and I had tried my best to fine tune the TV, but I just can't seem to be satisfied. Now, I'm not really worried about the analog channels, because those are going to look crappy no matter what, but I wanted to try my best to make the HD channels look as close to perfection as I possible can get them.

On a side note, is there any type of DVR (legal dvr) that I can get that will record HD programming other than what you have to rent from the cable company? It just seems absurd to pay the cable place $14 a month for rent on those machines. Eventually you would've bought that DVR two or three times over. It seems especially ridiculous when I can pretty much use my tv's tuner and get the same HD programming without the box. Of course I can't record the HD channels with my digital dvr (it records digital channels but not HD programming.)

jamf 01-19-2008 04:45 PM

Re: HDTV Calibration DVDs
You can get a TV Tuner for you PC.

I'm not sure a Calibration DVD will work because it's in analog format.
If you're TV can display True 1080P, THen you need a grid in 1080P Size.

When I calibrated( and then broke) my TV, I used the memory card slot on the front to display a full size 1080P picture.

I got the picture from this site: [url]http://www.avsforum.com/[/url]

Check it out, They were alot of help when I purchased my tv a few years ago.

skinsguy 01-21-2008 10:41 PM

Re: HDTV Calibration DVDs
Thanks. It's actually a 720P TV. What I tried to do the other day was to pause a dvd movie at a bright scene (Transformers movie with Megan Fox outside.) I calibrated the tv until THAT movie looked perfect IMO. However, the broadcast channels weren't looking the way I wanted them to, so I just set everything back to factory default.

jamf 01-22-2008 12:33 AM

Re: HDTV Calibration DVDs
You have to remember that DVD does not equal HD. Try your best HD channel and work with that.

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