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Ade Jimoh Fan Club 03-03-2004 10:32 AM

It's Official - Kearse is a Redskin!!
Man - how long are they going to make us wait today until we hear that??

This is agony - what if they wait until next week? :(

MTK 03-03-2004 10:34 AM

ahhh man you had me on that

not cool

IowaSkinsFan 03-03-2004 10:36 AM

Man you got to be careful with a thread title like that!

Jamaican'Skin 03-03-2004 10:43 AM

That was not cool at all. C'mon man, you can't scare people like that.

Gmanc711 03-03-2004 10:45 AM

Seriously man, thats not cool. MattyK lets issue a one month ban, haha.

Ade Jimoh Fan Club 03-03-2004 10:50 AM

Ooops! Didn't know that it was going to mess everyone up. My apologies - just trying to vent some frustration....

The powers that be are free to delete the thread...

Then again, maybe we'll hear some good news this morning and this thread will become legit! :D

Scott 03-03-2004 10:59 AM

Ha that was pretty good...you got me too

jsarno 03-03-2004 12:09 PM

not cool at all.

How close are we to even coming up with a deal. Knowing what our cap was before the Brunell deal makes me think there is no way we will be able to sign Kearse unless he comes over for 2 mil a year (highly unlikely).

MTK 03-03-2004 12:13 PM

I'm gonna come up with an avatar to assign people if they post fake threads, but we don't seem to have a big problem with that so I'll let this one slide for now.

But then again, with username like Ade Jimoh Fan Club.....


backrow 03-03-2004 12:20 PM

Ade Jimoh Fan, you are hereby relegated to the same place Ade Jimoh is! The bench, and off the field!

I hope Kearse doesn't come here! Rebuilt ankle, and out 14 games in 2 years! I hope the FO realizes Kearse is a walking IR case!

cpayne5 03-03-2004 12:42 PM

Man, definitely not funny. Was gonna go order a jersey too...

EEich 03-03-2004 01:04 PM

I think ole Ade isn't getting the attention he needs at home.

jbcjr14 03-03-2004 01:41 PM

Mort on his chat wrap today indicated that the skins will not go "ga-ga" for Kearse and that Seattle is the likely new home as they are willing to pay the $20 million signing bonus he is looking for.

Mort tends to be right on this kind of stuff and I am leaning in his direction. No reports of Redskin One in TN this morning.

BrunellFan 03-03-2004 02:02 PM

Im leaning toward that thinking as well...

It looks like were going after some 'solid' not 'star' defenders. Like Springs, Griffin, Daniels. etc...

Phinehas 03-03-2004 02:33 PM

A great RB, a veteran QB, and a bunch of solid role-players who have the right kind of attitude and a good work ethic.

Sounds like a Gibbs team to me.


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