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SKINSnCANES 08-14-2004 03:37 PM

defensive assignment
I dont know if you guys noticed that, or if it is somethign you can do is espn, but I noticed when i was playing last night that there are a lot of new options or coach settings when you are playing a game. For example, you can assign players to cover certain players. Shockey kept beating washingington so i just assigned Taylor to cover shockey on everyplay. There were other cool things with formation changes and stuff. Im starting to realize the game is a lot deeper then an intial impression reveals, and to become a great player there is a lot to learn.

Redskins8588 08-14-2004 03:58 PM

Yeah in ESPN you can assign players on defense, you hit the r2 button and it shows the triangle, square, x, o above your secondary defenders, then when you pick who you want it will show the same icons about the offense and you select who you want to double cover or whatever.

I also noticed that in last years 2k4 all you pretty much had to do was just run and you could get good yards without using a juke, stiff arm, or spin move. This year in 2k5 if you want to gain anything respectable you have to use a special move, which I like, because before I was like why do it if you dont have to!!

All in all no matter if you play madden or espn the games just keep getting better and better!!!!!

SKINSnCANES 08-14-2004 04:06 PM

I just go tthis years and I cant wait for next years. This was a big year in terms of the compeition level rising. Look for their to be the most improvements ever next year.

illdefined 08-14-2004 09:01 PM

yeah in ESPN you just can just do it once, go to Gameplan > Defensive Matchup and choose a specific defensive player to cover a specific offensive player and you can also choose to Double anyone for the entire game. you can change them whenever obviously or override these game-long assignments with the individual defensive player audibles on the field as well.

i LOVE the ability to swap key players and choose your audibles at the PLAYCALL screen!

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