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Daseal 04-22-2008 12:17 PM

EITM vs Washington Mystics -- UMCP
I know we have a lot of Maryland guys on the board. Thursday morning Elliot in the Morning and his crew will be playing against the Washington Mystics. The trash talking has been hilarious -- anyone planning on going?

RobH4413 04-22-2008 04:33 PM

Re: EITM vs Washington Mystics -- UMCP
Where is the game being played?

Does Nikki Teasley still play for the Mystics? Nikki and her brother went to my high school back in the day, and was probably better than her brother who was a stud when the team was #1 in the country.

I remember going to Stu Vetter basketball camp back in the day and watching Nikki dribble two balls backwards in between her legs at the same time. She's crazy good.

I'm def looking forward to seeing this.

Daseal 04-22-2008 04:42 PM

Re: EITM vs Washington Mystics -- UMCP
Comcast Center. Thursday at 8am. Wear black. I'll listen to EITM tomorrow and post more specific stuff.

Warpath 04-22-2008 06:16 PM

Re: EITM vs Washington Mystics -- UMCP
Yea sounds like it will be fun. They say doors open at 7:15 with game beginning at 8am at the U of Maryland Comcast Center. Wish I was closer. If anyone here goes take pics of vids please. I cant wait to see Elliot get the crap beaten out of him by the mystics. I heard today that Alana Beard said that she would commit suicide if they lost. I don't think they have anything to worry about. Heres some trash talking from [URL="http://www.wnba.com/mystics/news/pass_the_ball.html"]Beard's blog[/URL]:
[I]Friday, April 18 - Alana Beard chimes in on the upcoming “game” between the team and the Elliot in the Morning crew.

Hey hey hey! Hope all is well and that you all are getting ready for the Mystics upcoming season! I am so excited…I don’t think you all understand!!! I’m excited about the team and the new additions, first, with our new assistant Coach Jessie Kenlaw (Funny Story: I was talking to one of my teammates the other day and we were talking about Coach Kenlaw. She asked if I have ever met her and I was like yea, she’s awesome, why? My teammate proceeded to say, “man, she looks mean, im scared of her, chute, but I can’t wait to start working with her.” Hahahaha, I am sure everyone can guess who that teammate was, if not, here is a hint: as we were flying to Detroit last season, this teammate turned to ask another teammate if we were flying over the Atlantic Ocean when we were clearly over Lake Michigan!!). Secondly, I am excited about our three draft picks. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to watch Lindsay and Krystal, but I have had the pleasure of watching Crystal Langhorne. Can we say balla :-)!!!!?? I had no doubt whatsoever that management was going to make an awesome decision. Lets get it started!

So, before I left to play in Poland I started hearing all this talk about the Mystics playing a “friendly” game against the Elliot in the Morning show crew. This all came about because some fat, out of shape, always the last to get picked as a child, wanna-be basketball players claimed one morning on their talk show that they could beat any women’s professional basketball team in a game!!! Can you believe this malarkey? They honestly think they have a chance!!! It perplexes me that they believe in their hearts and minds that it’s possible. I am sorry guys, but I think you’ve been watching too many NBA commercials and have gotten caught up in the “this is where the impossible happens” or something. Anyway, so this non-sense went on for days and finally I got word of it, so they decided to have me on their show. I went on the air with them, of course, calm, cool, and collected, got a whiff of the competition…let’s just say, ladies don’t even bother coming to the gym that day…you can beat them in your sleep. From what I saw, we have men oh and one woman (who bailed out on the them the moment I walked in) that will never make it across half court. We have one guy who does the sound effects and graduated from Georgetown that looks like Charlie Brown. Then you have Elliot that thinks that he is God gift to basketball…. hmmmm, can we say in another life, MAYBE!! Then you have, ummm, yea, they don’t even deserve mention. The only reason I mentioned the other two is to assure you that I am not lying about the fact that there will be a game played. The game will be at the Comcast Center on Thursday, April 24th at 8:00 a.m. Someone better take pictures!!!

Like, they are dead serious about this game and really truly think they can win!! Elliot in the morning called me Wednesday in Poland to continue their segment of trash talking. All the way in Poland!!!!!!!! They are crazy, but a lot of fun! Elliot mentioned that they have these “rocking” uniforms that I should just be excited about seeing! We shall see I guess. I can’t wait to hear the radio broadcast of them giving women the RESPECT that they deserve. Yes, we are women, but you should all respect your opponent. Basketball is basketball, whether it’s a male or female playing. “Anything you can do we can do better!” Wait, no, lets change that just for you Elliot…anything you think you can do, we already know we can do it better! . When the Mystics win, tune in to DC 101.1 throughout the season to hear crazy coverage on Mystics.

Can’t wait to see all of you in May. Until then be good and get those season tickets. DC is where BELIEVING happens!!!!! [/I]

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