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SmootSmack 04-23-2008 11:00 PM

Redskins Pre-Draft Presser Transcript
Good stuff here from Cerrato, Snyder, and Zorn

Also, note the subtle shout-out to my man Maurice Mann. Let the Mix vs. Mann debates begin!

[url=http://www.redskins.com/news/newsDetail.jsp?id=35314]Redskins Pre-Draft Media Briefing[/url]

mooby 04-24-2008 01:08 AM

Re: Redskins Pre-Draft Presser Transcript
I'm probably the first to say this, but who the hell is Maurice Mann? That's the first I've heard of that guy lol.

And I don't really read these sorts of things much, most of the time it's the same thing, not commenting on anything interesting, not revealing anything because they don't want anything to get out, etc. Half the time the same boring questions are asked. If they didn't have these press conferences I wouldn't mind, simply because it's the same old stuff all the time lol.

Reporter: So what's your mindset, coach? What are your plans for the draft, are you going to trade up, trade down, what kind of player are you looking for?

Coach: Well, we're gonna do something with the draft pick, my smart money is that we are going to use it in a manner benefiting the team, we might trade it, or we might use it, on a guy, or we could trade down if we get a good offer, it's hard to say at this point.

Reporter: (Owner), what are the positives and negatives about this pick, what do you think you might do, are you happy with the roster, etc.?

Owner: Well, I think the positives about the pick are that it could get us a real good player, but the negatives is that it's pretty low in the first round, and I think we might do something if an opportunity presents itself, I like the roster but there's always something to improve.

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