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mheisig 05-02-2008 01:53 PM

Shameless Plug and Feedback Request
So the past 6 weeks of my life have been poured into this:


Just a little background: my company has this thing called the Entrepreneurial Fund which basically sets aside a few million dollars for the entrepreneurial ventures of company employees. This project was born out of that fund by two guys that I work with, Erik and Kevin.

It was in Beta for a while, but me and another guy took the entire thing and rebuilt it from scratch and launched the current production version last week. Partly on official company time, and partly on a lot of our own personal time.

The basic idea is that we start a off a story with a short video clip that sets up the basic plot and characters, then it's up to the users to submit video of what happens next in the story. The prizes are pretty sweet: $500 if you win a chapter, and a grand prize of an all-expense paid trip to the Travese City Film Festival to meet Michael Moore in person, hobnob with indie film folks and watch the full Rootclip story premier on the big screen.

I'd love to get feedback on what people think - the design, the concept, how it functions, any stuff you see that's broken or could use fixing, I'd love to hear it all.

Disclaimer: If you're one of those asshats who runs around validating people's websites, this will fail, I'm aware of it. :) We had to sacrifice some web standards for usability. The broken stuff is on my list (which currently runs the full length of a 5 foot tall whiteboard) of things to fix and enhancements to add as time goes on.

Thanks in advance, and if you're into the whole video scene, go win yourself some dough!

dmek25 05-02-2008 03:05 PM

Re: Shameless Plug and Feedback Request
what are planning to do with the finished product? i like the idea.

mheisig 05-02-2008 03:07 PM

Re: Shameless Plug and Feedback Request
[QUOTE=dmek25;446519]what are planning to do with the finished product? i like the idea.[/QUOTE]

The finished product as in the site, or the finished product of the story with user submssions and all?

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