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BleedBurgundy 08-22-2004 11:07 PM

AI pass defense
Do you guys notice that the AI pass defenders usually will swipe at the ball instead of going for a pick? It's irritating the hell out of me.

SeasonTicketHolder 08-22-2004 11:42 PM

It's also irritating when I'm going for the pick and my computer controlled teammate swats the ball away before i can pick it.

BleedBurgundy 08-23-2004 02:20 AM

I just went in and adjusted the slider for the safeties and CB's inbetween coverage and hard hitting, instead of all the way to hitting. I think it's under Coach's settings or something...

Big C 08-23-2004 11:47 AM

the interceptions are really weird. ill be rushing off the edge with someone, and be4 i get there, he throws a screen, and i pick it off with some 180 kg guy and run for the TD, they react so fast.

That Guy 08-23-2004 05:13 PM

[quote]180 kg guy[/quote]
what kind of new-age hippie measurement system is that? you're in america man, snap out of it... he's not 180kg, he's 0.793664143865559 cotton bales, or, more importantly, 21,505.38 Babylonian shekels.

now get with it :D:D:D

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