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SKINS73 03-03-2004 10:03 PM

Now the draft...
If we don't trade away our 5th overall pick who would you like to see us select? I think Sean Taylor makes the most sense since we've had sketchy production from our current safties... but if he's taken I think Tommie Harris or Kenechi Udeze are our next best options.

hank64 03-03-2004 10:22 PM

If Taylor is not there at 5 weshould trade down and get more picks (get Randy Starks).

BrunellFan 03-04-2004 04:33 AM

Unless a trade happens, Taylor WILL be there...

Cards, Giants, Chargers, and Raiders need have too much improvement needed in other positions to use that high of a pick on a safety... face it, only legend safeties ever really dictated a game. A DE or LB can dictate a game, a safety cant...

Duffman003 03-04-2004 07:01 AM

I dont even know if we need another DT we have holsey, Noble, and Griffen now which is a pretty good trio

backrow 03-04-2004 07:26 AM

I like S. Taylor!
I like S. Taylor, but I would trade back to 8-10 to first pick up more picks. Then, trade back again to 16-20 to pick up more! There is no major drop off seemingly in talent! When we did the Ramsey trade down on Draft Day, I was estatic! Ram has proven himself better than both QBs picked ahead of him.

Despite the FA signees, we still need to build through the Draft. The only way to do that is to have picks. Although, S. Salisbury said on the a.m. radio, that we got S. Springs out of the 2nd rounder throw in from the Champ-Clinton trade. That is a great assessment!

If we stick at #5, then, Taylor. But knowing the FO, we will pick the best available player, whoever that is. It's funny over on hailredskins.com there is no consensus for #5. Here, the majority seemingly want Taylor at #5, and that is about where he will go!

There is a new Clinton in town! A great one with no political leanings, except he runs N-S!

raleighskinsfan 03-04-2004 11:10 AM

I'm with you Backrow!
I was majorly pumped when we kept moving down that draft day, picked up extra picks, and still got the guy we wanted (Ramsey).
I see the same thing happening again. I think Taylor will be there at #5 (and don't get me wrong- if we take Taylor at 5 I would both be happy and think it's a good decision) but we will pass on him to trade and move down, b/c some team will be dying for a certain player at 5 and will give us their first and hopefully low 2nd or 3rd and others. If we could then trade again, move down a little more in round one, and get additional picks, that would be awesome!
The first round seems to be very deep and we need picks to build for the future. Also, it seems we now need to draft more on defense this year, but if you look at most mock drafts, doesn't it seem a majority of the teams are projected to draft offense in the first round, which would mean there would still be alot of defensive talent left later in the first round? Or is this just wishful thinking on my part???

Shane 03-04-2004 11:28 AM

Kellen Winslow is the Redskins' likely choice
From another board:

Winslow states these 4 teams have shown the most interest
Jacksonville, Detroit, Cleveland and .................Washington.

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I've told you guys before that I have a friend at Joe Gibbs racing who speaks with Gibbs frequently. Two days before it came out that Gibbs was coming back my friend had a long conversation with Gibbs. Gibbs was VERY HIGH on Winslow. He could not say enough good things about him and talked about how special his father was in San Diego.

My friend has known Gibbs for a long time and said he thought Gibbs would take Winslow. I'm not saying he will take him only that my friend was surprised how many good things Gibbs had to say about him and how many ways he could use him in an offense.

raleighskinsfan 03-04-2004 02:25 PM

I guess all the press about Gibb's wanting a blocking type TE has caused me to forget Winslow- I love hearing that Gibb's thinks he can use him in a variety of ways- can you imagine our offense with Winslow running over the middle snagging passes??? I love that option as well at #5.... :)

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