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D'BOYZ 09-13-2008 02:22 AM

Don's Crystal Ball Week 2 picks
Crystal Ball
[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][COLOR=#ff0000][CENTER][B]2008 SEASON

[CENTER]By [COLOR=#ff0000][B]DonCanabis/D'BOYZ[/B][/COLOR]

Ok last week there were some surprises...specially Det getting there asses kicked by a rookie QB and HC. I did ok in my picks. I did good against the spread and Ovr/und (10-6) but bad in my hot picks with a 3-3 record, but what I liked the most was my big Upset of Chicago taking it to Indianapolis. I got so many mail and posts (different board) about how crazy I was for taking Chicago. Indianapolis hadn't lost a game in September...in I don't remember how many years and blah blah blah weeeeeellll how do you like them apples NOWWWWWW!!!!!

People think Week 1 is the hardest but I say week 2 is worse. First no team wants to be 0-2 only 19 teams that have went 0-2 have got in the playoffs in the history of the NFL. So history is against you...yeah last year 0-2 teams won it all so that tells you that much, but the reality is your chances to have a good season get reduced big time by going 0-2.

History hasn't been kind in the past 2 years for teams that are 0-1 facing teams that are 1-0. Out of 8 of these types of matches 1-0 teams won 6 of them in 2007 and in 2006 they won 8 of 9, the thing is finding those team that are pretenders from the contenders.


[B]Chicago at Carolina[/B] -3 Ovr/Und 37

Chicago showed the defense that made it famous and the running game they have is a stamp of their offense. I new Forte would be a huge upgrade over Benson. Heck The fridge is an upgrade of that guy so I expect their offense to be balanced. I knew Carolina would match well against SD and it was going to be a close game and like I said damn Delhome had to make that pass at the end of the game and change my prediction. Forte is a little hurt so I will take Caroline to take this one.

[B]Straight:[/B] Car
[B]Spread:[/B] Car
[B]Ovr/Und[/B]: Ovr

[B]Buffalo at Jacksonville [/B]-5.5 Ovr/Und 37

For a team with such high expectations going 0-2 will be bad but this is a running team and they have lost 3 of their starting lineman. Buffalo looked really good last week but what impressed me the most was their defense and I don't see the Jaguars matching well against them specially with Stroud angry and smelling blood out of his old team.

[B]Straight:[/B] Buf
[B]Spread:[/B] Buf
[B]Ovr/Und:[/B] Over

[B]Oakland at Kansas City [/B]-3.5 Ovr/Und 36

Somebody has to win this sad game. Both teams suck. I didn't see one thing that impressed me or give me any hope both teams have good running games, but they do have BAD QB's and a questionable defense. Arrowhead is a hard place to win so I give them that advantage.

[B]Straight: [/B]KC
[B]Spread:[/B] Oak
[B]Ovr/Und: [/B]Under

[B]Indianapolis at Minnesota [/B]2 Ovr/Und 43.5
Would I dare go against the mighty Colts for 2 weeks straight? The colts that are soooo good in September...believe the Minnesota defense is going to be all over the face of the immobile Payton. Colts defense can't stop the run...sorry Payton better luck next week...call Eli and ask him for some pointers.

[B]Straight: [/B]Min
[B]Spread: [/B]Min
[B]Ovr/Und: [/B]Over

[B]New Orleans at Washington [/B]1 Ovr/Und 42

I liked the chances of NO more before their injuries showed up...specially on defense (colston,Fujita,harper and gay) but I can't go with a team that hasn't show me anything in 5 weeks. Both teams have bad defenses that are not so good. So it comes down to the offenses. I trust NO's offense way more than Zorns.

[B]Straight:[/B] NO
[B]Spread:[/B] NO
[B]Ovr/Und: [/B]Ovr

[B]New York Giants at St. Louis Rams[/B] -8.5 Ovr/Und 41.5

Man it smells more and more like a #1 pick for St. Louis is coming. They have to find a pass rush, but more importantly they need to learn to protect their QB. That offensive line is worse than a division A school's O-line, Ugly game.

[B]Straight: [/B]NYG
[B]Spread: [/B]NYG
[B]Ovr/Und:[/B] Ovr

[B]Green Bay at Detroit[/B] 3 Ovr/Und 46

Aaron looked really good in his debut. The defense Detroit has usually plays well against GB. I believe Atl caught Detroit by surprise and they're a little better than that. I will take the home team.

[B]Straight: [/B]Det
[B]Spread: [/B]Det
[B]Ovr/Und:[/B] Over

[B]Tennessee at Cincinnati[/B] -1 Ovr/Und 37

Cincinnati is a mess. Even their only good part...the offense looked really bad. Palmer looks lost out there like a rookie QB. He's making quick decisions. He looks hurt...I don't know what is wrong? Believe me, the best thing that could happen to the Titans was losing Young. They have a great defense and running game but the passing game always hurts them. Collins is a true pocket passer and will be an upgrade ifor them.

[B]Straight: [/B]Ten
[B]Spread:[/B] Ten
[B]Ovr/Und:[/B] Und

[B]San Francisco at Seattle[/B] -7 Ovr/Und 38.5

Another ugly game...both teams looked bad in their debut. Julius "has no more Juice" Jones looked 85 years old. there is an old saying in the NFL about games when everything else fails take the home team to win the game...take the home team in this one.
Straight: [/B]Seattle
[B]Spread:[/B] SF
[B]Ovr/Und: [/B]Und

[B]Atlanta at Tampa Bay [/B]-7 Ovr/Und 38

Can The rookie Qb go 2-0? I don't think so...also don't expect Turner have another 200 yard performance against this defense. Let's see how much of an improvement Griese is.

[B]Straight:[/B] TB
[B]Spread:[/B] TB
[B]Ovr/Und:[/B] Over

[B]Miami at Arizona[/B] -6.5 Ovr/Und 38.5

I expected more out of Kurt than he showed me in week 1. I was a little surprised at how miami played. Did they look good? No, but they showed heart. I wouldn't be surprised if Miami wins it, but Arizona is a more talented team right now.

[B]Straight: [/B]Ari
[B]Spread:[/B] Mia
[B]Ovr/Und:[/B] Under

[B]New England at New York Jets[/B] -1.5 Ovr/Und 37
Man how things change in 1 week. A whole season is lost in 1 play. Favre looked like Favre. zwith another week in the system he will get better. Cassell or whatever his name is will do better than most believe but not this week.

[B]Straight:[/B] NYJ
[B]Spread: [/B]NYJ
[B]Ovr/Und:[/B] Over

[B]San Diego at Denver[/B] 1.5 Ovr/Und 46

Like I said...I was suprised by Coutler's game last week. I didn't gave him enough credit. With Marshall back I won't make that msitake again. Also , remember L.T's hurt, Gates is hurt and Merriman gone. Sorry SD 1 more week like your first week is coming in week 2.

[B]Straight: [/B]Den
[B]Spread: [/B]Den
[B]Ovr/Und:[/B] Ovr

[B]Baltimore at Houston [/B]-4.5 Ovr/Und 37
Houston looked bad against a great defense this week. They face another great defense this week again. The difference this week is they don't face a good offense as well. Like I said, Houston is better than what they showed in week 1. Expect to see it this week.

[B]Straight: [/B]Hou
[B]Spread: [/B]Bal
[B]Ovr/Und:[/B] Under

[B]Pittsburgh at Cleveland[/B] 6 Ovr/Und 45
This will be a great game. I would feel better if Big Ben wasn't hurt, but Pitt has to much team for the Browns. At least right now. Pitt will blitz all day and stuff the run making them one dimensional. Sorry Romeo the hating continues for another week.

[B]Straight: [/B]Pit
[B]Spread: [/B]Pit
[B]Ovr/Und: [/B]Over

[B]Philadelphia at Dallas[/B]-7 Ovr/Und 47

This is the game of the week. Finally MNF has it right! Great match...two teams that will go at each other! Every NY and Wash fan in the nation will watch this game for 2 reasons. Hoping we kill each other and end up with some major injuries so they can make the playoffs by default. The second they get a chance to trash talk the loser they will! Dallas will take the game but it will be close. Bet the under in this match ( 47 ) it's to high for both these teams playing each other.

[B]Straight: [/B]Dallas
[B]Spread: [/B]Philadelphia
[B]Ovr/Und: [/B]Under

[B]Hot Picks[/B]


horse 09-13-2008 11:16 AM

Re: Don's Crystal Ball Week 2 picks
What an A-hole our defense will not be bad, We gave up 16 to the superbowl champs on the road, With no springs and a few bad calls. By the way did anyone see the maddden simulation prediction 44-27 skins.

redskinjim 09-13-2008 11:39 AM

Re: Don's Crystal Ball Week 2 picks
We have always played well against the saints.We beat them two years ago and we will beat them again.You will see that the defence is good if we can stop the run we can be great

redskinjim 09-13-2008 11:43 AM

Re: Don's Crystal Ball Week 2 picks
We should be able to run the ball all day with portis.Drew brees will give us a chance at some picks.Would be nice to see london fletcher take one to the house.

53Fan 09-13-2008 12:12 PM

Re: Don's Crystal Ball Week 2 picks
Consider the source.

johnerotten 09-13-2008 12:47 PM

Re: Don's Crystal Ball Week 2 picks
redskins 27-saints -17

D'BOYZ 09-13-2008 12:52 PM

Re: Don's Crystal Ball Week 2 picks
Ok I will answer all at once because it's basically is the same why did I picked the Redskins to lose.

First of it has nothing to do with me being a Cowboys Fan I have done this for 3 years now and in my prediction I've called the redskins to win against Dallas in the past so that has nothing to do with it I call/predict each game as I see it don't put attention to the rivalries not with this.

So let's look at the facts
[LIST=1][*]The Redskins Offense has looked flat since the HOF game they just don't seem to get Zorn's Offense[*]Yes Horse you held the Giants to 16 but the reality is that the giants went into the redzone in their first 3 drives yes you held them to 3 points but the fact is that they were able to move and they scored points in 4 of the first 5 drives.your team manage to held them to no points in the second half but that had to do more with neither team actually doing anything. Your secondary is hurt and your top DE is also hurt and actually a liability out there.[*]Your QB looks lost, he pretty much looks like a rookie he made bad throws, wouldn't settle down was all over the place the whole game and that hasn't change.[*]N.O offense look really good against a tough TB defense they moved the ball well and were vertical you can say Colston injury hurt them but he wasn't so much of a factor in the last game.[*]You can't say this team can win a point fest which this game surely looks like until they show something.[/LIST]I know as fab we always thing/want our team to win each week but the reality is that wont happened, and what so bad of going 0-2 NY did it last year and they won it all.

after all the 5-11 season Dallas had I got to learned that even if my heart was to Dallas and I wanted them to win, my money had to go against them in those years they just sucked so I had two choices don't bet or bet against them and make some money.

Now I don't say your team sucks they have the talent but they have to get it together so they can win and it's starts with the QB playing better and the coach maturing and putting their teammates in a better position to win fast[INDENT]


53Fan 09-13-2008 02:35 PM

Re: Don's Crystal Ball Week 2 picks
The FACT is, we play the game because we really don't know. I'm sure you did'nt think we would beat you last year and hold your offense to something like minus 2 yards rushing and you probably did'nt pick your team to lose in the first round of the playoffs. And I doubt you picked the Giants to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. The FACT is, opinons are like a**holes and yours is no different than anyone elses. I pick the Redskins because I believe they can win and they will win.

D'BOYZ 09-13-2008 03:16 PM

Re: Don's Crystal Ball Week 2 picks
[B]53 [/B]That's why it's call a prediction it can be wrong yes, some are better than others at it also yes, i have been betting for 12 years now and posted predictions the past 3 am I correct all the time hell no but i have a career 68% record against the spread which is pretty good because I take the game not my affiliation with the team.

in the 3 games you mention yes I picked Was to win the game and cover the spread last year because it was the last game of the season and dallas was playing for nothing and some of the starters wouldn't see some action because of the playoffs. In the NY game i picked dallas to win the game but NY to win the spread because I expected a close game and I was right in the betting world in the SB I picked NE to win the game but NY to win the spread again because Ne was a 13-16 point favorite (depending the place) and based on the previous match and how NY had been playing I expected a close game.... both playoff game made me a lot of money thank you... it's like this monday night game dal vs Phi i picked Phi to win the spread because they usually have close games their pretty even right now and their both performing at a high level so I expect a close match in this case I will bet against dallas because that's were the money is.

Again guys I'm not attacking your team or anything i'm just calling the game as I see it you might not agree off course heck I always disagree with Peter Kings picks and he's wrong more than 50% of the time he really suck at this.

You might read it and if you agree with it and if you make some money out of it well glad that I could help if after reading it you believe that I don't give any valid points and you want to place your bet to well madden said the redskins were going to win this game and that's your source fine by me... or just go with your gut just one thing when your betting on your team your gut it's wrong most of the times unless is an eeeeeeasy game like next week for you guys.

look i'm not attacking anybody or the team again I call it as I see it last week out of the 16 games I was 10-6, I got right some of the crazy ones like Chicago kicking Indianapolis, KC losing for less then 13 I believe it was, Carolina for the spread ( I didn't thought they'll win just not loose by 9 points), Buffalo kicking Seattle ass,and I was wrong in 6 of them Detroit and Oakland getting their ass kicked most notably. Nobody is 100% in this things heck the really good ones have barely above 70% but most are just over 60%.

Take it for what it is a prediction if it helps good if it doesn't well leave it at that.

SeanTaGodsSafety 09-13-2008 04:24 PM

Re: Don's Crystal Ball Week 2 picks
Someone should start a pool or contest for picks. I dont know there might already be one , Im new. Anyway Dboy knows his girls are gonna lose so hes tryin to rain on our parade. Hahaha I like this site

53Fan 09-13-2008 05:07 PM

Re: Don's Crystal Ball Week 2 picks
Welcome to the site SeanTaGodsSafety !!!

Slingin Sammy 33 09-13-2008 06:45 PM

Re: Don's Crystal Ball Week 2 picks
[quote=D'BOYZ;475541]but i have a career 68% record against the spread which is pretty good because I take the game not my affiliation with the team. [/quote]
If you have a career 68% record against the spread, I'm assuming you're retired and living in Vegas. :food-smil

horse 09-13-2008 08:25 PM

Re: Don's Crystal Ball Week 2 picks
I guess we'll just have to see mr. cowboy. Colston being hurt will really slow down the passing game. As far as out offense N.O. D played good against a terrble O-line in tampa and the Saints are'nt exactly know for their Defense. Also we're at home in conference we must win!

mlmpetert 09-13-2008 10:33 PM

Re: Don's Crystal Ball Week 2 picks
Don does have a pretty high winning percentage, and I think his goal is to be a handicapper or odds maker or somthing.

I think his Detriot pick is crazy. We'll see.

I was thinking a lot about the Redskins today, and you have to remember that theres a chance Cambell and Washington might be out. Plus Smoot, Springs, and Taylor might [I]all [/I]be lacking. I think this is a dangrous bet to make, solely because Zorn could mess it up. Its a game we should win and i think are going to win, but a first time palyer caller is making the calls and no one still really knows what he's going to do. Haveing a defense that may be weak (and also took a long time to adjust last week), coupled with a new coach that no one really knows what hes going to do makes it dangrous, i think.

I still pick us to win. Hopefull Zorn comes out of his shell

D'BOYZ 09-14-2008 12:24 AM

Re: Don's Crystal Ball Week 2 picks
[quote=Slingin Sammy 33;475563]If you have a career 68% record against the spread, I'm assuming you're retired and living in Vegas. :food-smil[/quote]

Well Sammy you're in the league you saw last week picks I usually make around 3-4k per season (that's how I can pay for the December Holliday's) I don't bet much no more than 120dlls per week and only on football and yeah peter is right my goal is to be a handicapper shit I do it because I like it but it wouldn't be bad to eventually make a living out of it.

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