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AnonEmouse 09-29-2008 08:15 AM

Getting the games in the UK/Europe

Here in the UK we are totally reliant on Sky Sports (satellite) to see NFL games. Thankfully they had the Giants (boo) and Pokes games on (last night was awesome) but they only get 1 main game a secondary game (through their interactive service) and I have no way to guarantee seeing the Skins unless they are on the Sunday or Monday might games or a mid week. We get full playoff coverage though.

I have until now had one other options for seeing the Skins games, excepting highlight shows - [url=http://www.pontel.com]Pontel GmbH - Your Source for NBA, NFL, MLB and College Sports on DVD[/url]. They were sending out game DVD's the week after the game, but they have now lost their license to to this.

My only option now is to get an NFL.com HD pass, but I can't record those games or play them on TV (unless I rig my PC to the TV which is downstairs etc.). I can't guarantee being able to watch a late game, as they are on in the early hours over here and that means taking a day off work the following day or watching a recording (and I always prefer to watch a live game).

Anyone outside the USA used the Gamepass set up and can advise me on it?

Anyone inside/outside the USA know of any other vendors providing full game DVD's?

That Guy 09-29-2008 09:29 AM

Re: Getting the games in the UK/Europe
or you can sign up for ten yard torrents and download the games a day or two after they happen (free, in HD, w/o commercials) or get on sports scene or demonoid.com torrent trackers and download the shortcut (30min) versions of the games a couple days after the fact...

also, there's probably a sopcast (free internet streaming tv) channel out there hooked up to someone's live nfl feed, at least the had every game that way last year.

as far as taking internet stuff and moving it to tv - dvd burner, or you can get a cheap laptop and set it next to your tv really easily.

hooskins 09-29-2008 10:18 AM

Re: Getting the games in the UK/Europe
[url=http://www.myp2p.eu/]MyP2P.eu :: Free Live Sports on your PC, Live Football, MLB, NBA, NHL and more...[/url]

all sports games, live online. Just need to get sopcast.

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