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dieselhog 03-05-2004 04:14 AM

Wistrom is a Seahawk...
Some you win....

Great pick up in Marcus Washington. But Wistrom has signed a 6yr $33m deal with Seattle.

I would have loved to see him playing for the Skins.


Daseal 03-05-2004 07:29 AM

6years 33m. That's fairly cheap for a player as good as he is. Shame we didn't get him!

dieselhog 03-05-2004 08:13 AM

I thought he would have been an excellent signing.

MTK 03-05-2004 08:15 AM

I've heard through the grapevine that the Skins are done with making additions to the defensive line for now.

Gmanc711 03-05-2004 09:15 AM

Then we can probobly expect the Draft to be Dline orentied?

skins009 03-05-2004 09:40 AM

Well we only managed to get one very average d-linemen. I would have gone for Robaire Smith, he's a lot better than Griffen. Its looks like were gonna have to draft a d-linemen now with our 5th pick. I think it will be either Kenechi Udeze, Tommie Harris, or Vince Wilfork.

Jamaican'Skin 03-05-2004 09:48 AM

Shoot, and I really wanted Sean Taylor here too, but whatever Coach sees best, that's fine with me.

AnonEmouse 03-05-2004 10:48 AM

There are others out there. I suspect a few backups will be signed between now and the draft and they will deal the 5th pick for lower options and pick up Udeze or Harris. Washington means we don't need to draft a top LB and can concentrate on the few remaining weak areas.

diehardskin2982 03-05-2004 11:20 AM

I hope we still go after wiley and coleman, because Daniels is not the answer

dieselhog 03-05-2004 11:29 AM

Coleman is apparently seriously considering signing with the Giants. I think we should trade down in the draft and take a DT, I'm not sure about DE but we are still far from set there. Maybe the emphasis will be on rushing LaVar and Marcus and having the D-line hold bodies up for them.

Spearhead 03-05-2004 06:00 PM

definitely disappointing
he would've been a perfect fit

skinsfanthru&thru 03-05-2004 06:10 PM

I guess he didn't do what he said he was gonna do and visit every team he had interviews scheduled with, but Snyder's caused quite a few people over the past couple years to do that and sign up here. still would have been nice to have given signing him a shot. there is no way we can be done picking up d-line cuz we still need a pass rusher and we can;t keep wasting lavar's talent by putting him on the end in passing situations. we'll probably wind up trading down on draft day and pick up udeze in the middle of the round as well as some picks for depth and hopefully a shot at grove to play center and wilfork who in all likelyhood will be around until sometime in the 2nd round unless he has a monster workout.

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