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MrJL 12-14-2008 03:12 PM

What will the Salary Cap be after the new negotians?
I've heard rumors that the NFLPA says they won't approve another salary cap. But when you combine the current economy with the fact the owners have shown they can do replacement games I don't think they could prevent it. Hell the Arena League and more players moving down from Canada make me think replacement games might be better this time around.

I expect the differences will end up being some sort of buyout clause. After all dead cap space is a problem for teams and for the players the NFLPA wants to get paid. With an agreement of a buyout then the bought out player could actually end up getting more for that year than he would normally(and thus count at least a slightly higher cap figure) but would not count the next year and beyond. Of course there would have to be a way to make sure it's not used as a negotiating tactic such as the bought out player could not return for either a year, or the length of the bought out contract.

Some sort of unforseen disaster clause. Career ending injuries or death are struck from the salary cap AND the money is still paid to the player or heir.

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